Micro-Guides on Fishing Rods Explained | Bass Fishing

Man, some guys don’t like them. I was really,
wasn’t sure about them myself, but the newrods that came out have micro guides and the
Megabass rods, I think Russ is getting themin here. I like them because, now I’m hooked
on them. I don’t use the destroyers anymorebecause they don’t have micro guides. I like
the feel because it kind of keeps the linereally close to the blank. And it’s real tight. It doesn’t bounce, like
if you’re shaking at something. There’s nobounce on the line. And that’s what the guys
don’t like. They’re used to that pop. Theylike that. And instantly, I liked the feel
of no bounce. I liked it when it was tight. So you’ll notice, like guys are saying they’re
losing sensitivity, it’s just because theylost that movement in the line, which I don’t
want that. I want it to be as stiff as possible. And
that’s what you’ll notice. Like you’ll noticewhen you shake it or you’re crankbaiting and
your crankbait’s shaking, you’ll notice lessbounce. It’ll just be like your rod tip will
just move. And you won’t feel it as well. It’s different, but I like it. There’s no,
what you’re feeling is what’s there. You’renot feeling anything in the rod. Everything
you’re feeling is out past your rod tip. That’swhat I like about them. They’re really cool. They don’t fray your line as bad, maybe. That
little section stays cleaner. There’s notas much, maybe when the rod bends there’s
not as much chance for the line to rub againstthe dirty spot. And so I notice that’s it’s
almost like your line lasts longer. It’s reallyweird. I’ve been using them for a year and
a half now, and I really like the micro guidesa lot.

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