Milwaukee River Smallmouth Fishing in Fall

I fish this stretch of the Milwaukee River a lot for smallmouth and pike. This wasn’t the greatest session I’ve had of smallmouth fishing. However, I wanted to take you on this journey into a spot I love. I share some of my earlier success at the end of the video. I didn’t get skunked and there was a surprise hit that caught me off guard and frankly scared me. Join me on this fishing journey and learn my tips for fishing for smallmouth in dark water.

Watch Part 2 of My Fall Fishing Series On The Milwaukee River

Join me as I enter my Awesomeland of fishing and put the world behind me while smallmouth bass fishing a few minutes from my house.

Video Chapters

0:00 – Introduction To The Milwaukee River
1:35 – Using The Whopper Plopper on The Milwaukee River – What I Use
2:57 – Fishing For Smallies On The River
9:09 – Surprise Hit By Smallmouth Bass
10:22 – Caught Smallmouth On Whopper Plopper
14:02 – Some Other Smallmouth Monsters I Caught On The River

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