Mystery Tackle Box SMALLMOUTH Slam Challenge – Potomac River (September 2015)

First smallie caught at 3:00 Crazy River move at 4:20
Biggest smallie caught at 8:55

Inside this month’s mystery tackle box:
1. Optimum Baits hand poured drop shot kit $7.50
2. Boyd Duckett Popper (1/4 ounce, translucent baitfish) $6.99
3. Buckeye Lures The Sled jighead (3/8 ounce) $3.33
4. Cabin Creek Express Craw (green pumpkin) $2.31
5. Buddha In-Seine Swim Jig (pumpkin, 1/4 ounce) $4.99

Rod/Reel used – Shimano JDM Aldebaran BFS XG Limited (8:0:1 – 10 lb suffix 832 braid, 15 lb p-line shinsei leader) with a BPS Bionic Blade micro 6’6″ med/fast

Location: Potomac River (Seneca Park) – Great Falls, Virginia
Date: September 22, 2015
Primary Pattern: Locating deep pools/slower water immediately after riffles/faster current
Time Fished: 12:40 pm – 4:15 pm
Air Temp: High of 72 degrees, low of 66 degrees
Water Temp: 69 degrees
Water Clarity: 28 inches
Conditions: Mostly cloudy with NE winds up to 8 mph
Hatcam Used: Gopro hero 4 silver (1080p, 60 FPS, medium FOV) – chesty + external audio
Shoes worn – Columbia’s Drainmaker II

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Overview – Completed the MTB smallie slam challenge and it didn’t even take 12 hours!

For real though, had an awesome day on the water, got to explore a ton of new water I’ve never seen before and caught some beautiful bronzebacks! Wet wading creeks for smallies is one of my favorite ways to fish. You get to experience nature up close and even though the smallies usually aren’t very big, they are complete tanks and fight like fish 5x their size!

I wasn’t sure how the smallmouth slam was going to turn out, based off other youtuber’s MTB unboxings this month, I knew there was another version of the box with a big popping frog and a buzzbait. The buzzbait would’ve been fine but the smallies I was catching today probably would’ve struggled to inhale the big popping frog. I was super fortunate to receive the box with the drop shot kit, popper, and crawfish imitating baits, everything I received were basically baits I throw for smallies on a regular basis :D

The day started off pretty well, I was getting a lot of bits on the drop shot right off the bat, although they were probably sunfish. The first area I hit didn’t produce any bass even though it was the best looking water I fished all day in my opinion.

As soon as I moved a hundred feet downstream from my starting location, I pitched the drop shot to a slow pool around a bend and landed my first fish of the day. The biggest smallmouth I caught this year was less then 8 inches, and I was quickly reminding how much harder river smallies fight when compared to pond/lake largemouth.

Next bait on the list was a BD popper. My last MTB slam I could not get a topwater bite on the z man pop shadZ to save my life, but I knew the conditions today would lend to better topwater action. There was a bottleneck of fast moving current, and right past it was a perfect looking slow pool. I really wanted to fish that spot, so I decided I would cross the river to get to it (anglers will do just about anything to catch a fish right xD).

I found a walking staff for stability, and as soon as I entered the water I realized the current was a lot fast and stronger than it looked. Regardless, I was determined to complete the task at hand, and I slowly but surely made my way inch by inch across the raging current. About 5 minutes into the expedition my legs started to tire and I almost slipped and fell in (my gopro was not in its waterproof casing :P), so I gave-in and abandoned the mission.

No problem, because I simply walked 20 yards downstream from the area and found slower moving water there. My first cast with the popper yielded an awesome blowup and my second fish of the day! When I first started fighting the fish I thought it was a 3 lber but it was merely a cookie cutter river smallie that was using the current and its monstrous strength to deceive me :P

The MTB slam was halfway complete and I was only about 2 hours in. I was hopeful that I would complete it before it got dark, because it was a 20 minute hike through the woods to get to my spot and once nightfall hit, I probably would’ve just camped in the wilderness because there was no way I’d be able to navigate myself in the pitch black of night.

(hit the char limit :P)




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