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Glenn: Hey, folks, Glenn May here with bassresource. com.
I’m at the 2016 ICAST Show here at the Okumabooth with Carmen Macdonald. We’re looking
at the EVx series of rods. Any of you who’vebeen familiar with Okuma for a number of years
knows that this has been out for what, about15 years now, but now they’ve come out with
a completely new look and feel to them. Carmen,why don’t you tell us a bit about that?Carmen: Yeah, so everybody, you know, many
anglers are familiar with our EVx series ofrods. They’ve always been known as a tremendous
value in the marketplace. The MSRPs are $99on the spinning rods, 119 on the casting rods
so in the retail stores, this is usually,you know, in that under $100, really accessible
rod line. And so. . . Glenn: Very affordable. Carmen: Yeah, affordable for a guy to get
into some tournament actions. And our EVxhas always been known as a great value, but
after having ’em for so many years, even thoughthe reviews on ’em are really great, people
loved ’em, they needed to be redone. You know,it was time. You know, we have better technologies
now. And so what we did with this rod seriesis we brought in Jacob Wheeler and Matt Arey
to the factory for a week and we detailedeverything they needed. Glenn: Those are top pros. Just for anybody
who doesn’t know, those two guys know theirstuff. Top pros on the tour. Carmen: Yeah, these are guys that really have
really defined needs as to what they wantedin a crankbait action, what they needed in
chatter bait rods, or drop shot rods, theirall-around seven-footers. And so this is the
result of that work. I mean, these actionswere designed specifically for what they wanted
on the tournament trail on the bow of theirboats. Thirty ton carbon blanks. We reeded
the whole guide system using C-Guides, sowe have kind of a mini-micro style guide,
not a full micro-guide but kind of a mid-range,so if you’re fishing connections, they’ll
flow through these guides, but you get thatoverall feel towards that micro-guide feel. Glenn: Are they ALPS guides?Carmen: These are C-Guides. Glenn: C-Guides. Carmen: The C-Guides. . . excuse me, on the sea
guides on the spinning rods and then ALPSguides on the casting rods. Glenn: Got it, okay. Quality guides then. Carmen: Yeah, top-end guide components throughout.
The handle systems have all been redone. You’llsee ’em with the composite cork and EVA foam.
Custom handle, screw down, reel seats. There’sno exposed threads when you’re palming a reel
so you get handle contact there. So really,really top-end redone. And another thing they
did in working with these guys is that a lotof times on the bough of the boat, the difference
between a great rod and the perfect rod ispower, one way or the other. You know, you
can be just slightly under-powered, you canbe just slightly overpowered. So every length
in the rod line, there’s two dominant rodpowers. And so at every length, you don’t
have to change, you go to a wholly differentrod, different length, different action. They’re
built out in pairs so you can just tailor,you know, your rod selection to your exact
needs. Glenn: It’s almost like having a custom rod. Carmen: It is, yeah. It really. . . it was very
thoughtful, the way these guys put it together. You know, they face the challenges on the
water every day in the tournament environmentand so they brought all of that to the table.
The rods are all labeled, you know, per thetechniques that the pros recommended. All
the labels are in between the split gripsof the rod. Glenn: Look, we have crankbait rods, we have
jig fishing rods. There’s obviously spinningrods here and flipping rods. I mean, everything.
All the major techniques that you guys aregonna use on the water, they’re represented
here in this line-up. When are these gonnahit the market?Carmen: These are gonna hit the stores in
September, so really quick turnaround afterICAST this year. They’re done, they’re ready,
they’re on the way to the market. Full gripson the two crankbait rods and split grips
on everything else. Glenn: I can see people putting that on their
Christmas list right now. Carmen: Yeah, great. I mean, they came out
beautifully. The pros have been raving aboutthe actions. The reception’s been phenomenal.
They fit everybody’s, you know, taste in arod that just the actions are really, really,
really nice. And that’s really what definesthe series. Glenn: Fantastic. So if you’ve been a fan
of EVx for a long time or if you’re new toOkuma rods and haven’t seen them before, great
line of rods you gotta check out at a wonderfulprice point. Check them out.

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