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What’s up guys, Scott Martin here hanging
out at ICAST 2014, chilling with the BassResourcecrew, thanks for watching this video. Hey there’s all kinds of cool things. I know the guys from BassResource, they’re
going around showing you all the latest andgreatest stuff here at ICAST. Let me tell you something, P-Line has come
out with a brand new braid, and you know braidis a hot thing right now and I fish braid
80% of the time. Living down in Florida I’m fishing braid all
the time, punching the match, catching bigfish, so having braid that is made right,
that has the right make-up, its quality isthere, is very, very important to me. So I started working with the P-Line guys
about how to develop this braid and we camewith the new P-Line XTCB Braid. So it’s basically XBraid, eight strands. It’s eight weave, so it’s really good. Really good on the color retention, so you’re
not gonna lose, you know. So this one’s green actually, you’re not gonna
lose that green color as you’re fishing throughheavy cover and you’re gonna keep it really
good and green. Number two- the diameter, very small diameter. But the really cool thing that they’ve done
with this line which is really neat, theyput Teflon coating in this, they did a Dupont
deal and what that Teflon coating does tothis line, it gives it just a little stiffness
but just the right amount. Because what I’ve started noticing is that
some of these braid companies, they kindagot too soft. So as I was fishing with different types of
braid, the really soft, soft stuff, it wouldstart half-hitching on me a little bit or
giving these little mini backlashes everyonce in a while. And so with this Teflon coating it just allows
that line to come off the spool better, itreally prevents all those little half-hitch
or those little small little overruns thatyou would get with that really super soft
braid and this eight strand stuff is awesome,they’ve got a four strand as well. I like this for a lot of my salt water fishing. So if you’re looking for a really new braid,
hot stuff, you can check them out at yourlocal retailers. It’s the new XBraid by P-Line.

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