Extreme Angler TV Big bass on hair jigs

Bulked up Bass. Its only days until season ending in Ontario on this episode of Extreme Angler TV, Karl and buddy Jay Hotzak are vertical jigging hair jigs and filling the boat with a variety of species including some massive bass on the 'rip'. Some say 'go slow' when the water temps drop, we say 'go faster' for more reaction bites from bigger bass. See the results for yourself on this episode.

Extreme Angler TV – Football Finesse jig bass

Who`s ready for some football? Its fall and its time to catch some big fat pigskin shaped brown bass. On this episode of Extreme Angler TV Karl is in full hunt-mode in late autumn pitching Strike King football finesse jigs and a combination of Jr. KVD chunks and rage tail chunks for small schools of smallmouth bass looking to feed-up before the lakes freeze-up.

smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass – Maryland Department of Natural Resources

The best characteristic to distinguish a smallmouth from a largemouth bass is the
position of the maxillary, or large flap at the posterior end of the upper jaw.


Several species, notably the Largemouth and Smallmouth bass es, have been very widely introduced throughout the world, and are now

Smallmouth Bass Fishing on BedsSmallmouth Bass Fishing on Beds
Fishing for smallmouth bass on beds in Michigan during the catch and release season.

Smallmouth bass – Fish Washington | Washington Department of …
Average 12-16 inches. Smallmouth bass can grow 16-24 inches in quality populations. Smallmouth bass are one of two species of “black bass” in Washington with the …

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Jumping Smallmouth BassJumping Smallmouth Bass

Bass Fishing-Shenandoah River Small Mouth Bass Fishing Early Summer

Green Grub was on fire for dredge. We had ok day with plenty of fish but not much size. River was clean and clear. We hit a small hole with beautiful sunfish. Our Susquehanna trip on 6-14-14 went well a lot of rain up there caused the river banks to be pretty muddy. Stay tuned to see how well the day went with one toothy surprise guest




Smallmouth Bass caught in Ozark Mountains of Arkansas

Oh, baby!!!! Heaven is a place on Earth & I think I found it on this spring fed creek deep in the Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas! June 14th 2014. Sunny and 83F. Water temp 63F. This was my 72nd Smallmouth of the day. Ended w/ 86 smallies caught & released.




Shore Fishing For Early Spawn Smallmouth Bass

I took my buddy Kenny fishing with me. We met up at 6 am to see if we could find some big smallies but it didn’t happen. We did however catch some decent smallies and had a lot of fun! The bite was a bit slow but we eventually found them.

The weather in Washington has been extremely unstable all spring long and this particular week was the first week that we had somewhat stable weather. At this time last year, there were lots of much bigger fish in this area but they just didn’t make it up shallow yet.

We caught most of our fish on a drop shot but I caught 2 of them on a crankbait.

Equipment Used:
7′ M Abu Garcia Veritas Winch Casting Rod
Shimano Chronarch 201E6
8 lb Berkley Big Game Mono

7′ Dobyns Champion Extreme 703 SF
Shimano Stradic CI4+ 3000FA
10 lb Power Pro Braid
8 lb P-Line 100% Fluorocarbon Leader

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Bass Fishing: How to fish a Plastic Worm with Scott Martin

Learn how to catch largemouth bass with a plastic worm. In this video Scott Martin gives us bass fishing tips and advice on

– The right way to fish a plastic worm
– What a plastic worm represents to a largemouth bass or any other bass
-What size weight and fishing line you need to properly fish your plastic worm
-Tips and Techniques on how to move your plastic worm with your fishing rod instead of your fishing reel.

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Lake Washington Smallmouth Bass Fishing (6/7/14)

Went out yesterday with a friend of mine “Cam i Am” for some smallmouth action. It was a really tough post spawn bite,but we managed to land a decent bag of fish for tough conditions.

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Tight Lines -Ditch Pickler




Monster Sturgeon Bay Smallmouth Bass

Eric Haataja takes another trip back to the worlds best Smallmouth Bass fishery with his clients in pursuit of 5-7 lb smallmouth bass. Catch & release smallmouth bass fishing videos. Weekly fishing videos. Fishing for smallmouth bass. Sturgeon Bay smallmouth bass guides. How to fish bass.

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Monster Smallmouth Bass Fishing 2014

Catching huge smallmouth bass. I got a small clip at the 4 minute mark of a huge Musky that came up after Levi’s bait as we were drifting into shore…he didn’t even see it until I told him look behind his bait…Cool as shit…Caught 5 Smallmouth Bass and missed a few…Biggest was 22.5 and about 6 pounds., My buddy Levi’s son caught a solid 17 incher also…Mine was 19.5, couldn’t stretch to 20, but it was close to 5 pounds I bet…Thanks for all the support…If I am posting to much tell me and I will lay off of the video’s. It was a long hard winter and terrible sping, I fell like I’m going mad now fishing, hunting and loading video’s…Please share, like and comment…Thanks for the support my friends…Gonzo…All the fish were released to fight again someday and make another fishermans day…




Fly Fishing For Big Smallmouth Bass (7.25lbs) LyubakaVideo

In this video I would like to share some great fly fishing experiences this late spring. Got my personal record Smallmouth Bass that was over 23 inches long and weighed at 7.25 pounds. There are many heart pounding moments captured on camera and I feel the “Match The Hatch” portion could prove pretty educational. #whatsinyourtacklebox #flyfishing #lyubakavideo
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9+lb Giant Smallie!! Largest Smallmouth ever caught on film!

Eric Haataja (Plano/Frabill Pro staffer) and Ben Royce (Plano Synergy Pro Staff Coordinator) caught a giant smallmouth bass in Southern Wisconsin on May 16th, 2014. It was caught on a Berkley Havoc Sick Fish Jr. on a pre-spawn bite. The Wisconsin state record is 9.1lbs and because they did not have a live well or a certified scale, this fish was released to be caught another day! They would not have killed this fish for a state record anyway as conservation is the name of the game for them and Plano and Frabill. An amazing fish and amazing content!




9 lb Smallmouth Bass largest smallmouth captured on video

Ben Royce and Eric Haataja on May 16th, 2014 potentially caught and released a new Wisconsin State record bass that was 24 inches Long with a 20 inch girth. They released the fish. Record Smallmouth bass. #Huge Smallie# Biggest smallmouth bass on video ever# Monster Smallmouth bass# 9 lb smallmouth bass video.




Lure Fishing #59 – Spinner and Jig Fishing for 85 Smallmouth Bass and Walleye in Rivers

Total smallmouth bass in the video: 76
Total walleye in the video: 9
Total fallfish in the video: 2
Total white sucker in the video: 1

Best smallmouth bass in the video: 2:34 or 52:06
Best walleye in the video: 5:20 or 20:08
Best fallfish in the video: 44:09
Best white sucker in the video: 4:02

I was spinner and jig fishing at small rivers in New York during spring (early May, 2014). I started by spinner fishing and then bucktail jig fishing from shore before wading and jigging with curly tail jigs for the rest of the morning, and then I twitched smaller bucktail jigs for most of the afternoon. I ended up catching some smallmouth bass, walleye, and rough fish before leaving.

This is one of many videos in the Lure Fishing series — watch others for triple-digit numbers of fish, trophy fish, the tips and techniques I pick up along the way, and more!