9 lb Smallmouth Bass largest smallmouth captured on video

Ben Royce and Eric Haataja on May 16th, 2014 potentially caught and released a new Wisconsin State record bass that was 24 inches Long with a 20 inch girth. They released the fish. Record Smallmouth bass. #Huge Smallie# Biggest smallmouth bass on video ever# Monster Smallmouth bass# 9 lb smallmouth bass video.




Lure Fishing #59 – Spinner and Jig Fishing for 85 Smallmouth Bass and Walleye in Rivers

Total smallmouth bass in the video: 76
Total walleye in the video: 9
Total fallfish in the video: 2
Total white sucker in the video: 1

Best smallmouth bass in the video: 2:34 or 52:06
Best walleye in the video: 5:20 or 20:08
Best fallfish in the video: 44:09
Best white sucker in the video: 4:02

I was spinner and jig fishing at small rivers in New York during spring (early May, 2014). I started by spinner fishing and then bucktail jig fishing from shore before wading and jigging with curly tail jigs for the rest of the morning, and then I twitched smaller bucktail jigs for most of the afternoon. I ended up catching some smallmouth bass, walleye, and rough fish before leaving.

This is one of many videos in the Lure Fishing series — watch others for triple-digit numbers of fish, trophy fish, the tips and techniques I pick up along the way, and more!




Crankbait Tips for Bass Fishing

The little nuances of crankbait fishing is what separates great anglers from ordinary anglers. You can catch bass just casting and reeling. But you’ll catch a lot more learning about angles, deflection and properties of different crankbaits. Michael Iaconelli shares some of his tips on crankbait fishing with his go-to Rapala crankbaits.




Jig Fishing for Smallmouth Bass on Lake St. Clair Michigan

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It was a perfect day for smallmouth bass fishing out on Lake St. Clair in Michigan, there was a nice overcast and a storm front moving in. Not only did I catch some big smallmouth bass, but also a smaller muskie using a 4″ Berkley Powerbait Grub in the green pumpkin color. A lot of fishermen throw tube jigs, which is a great soft plastic baits to use, but you can use these Powerbait twister grubs as well. Lake St. Clair is a great lake for smallmouth bass fishing, some say the best smallmouth bass fishing lake here in Michigan.

I also did some trolling with crankbaits, to see if I could pick up a northern pike. I had something really huge on but came off, left a scale on one of my trebel hook, probably was a big muskie. Have to admit I never seen a fish move that fast! I also caught a beautiful silver bass that day!




GoPro 3+ Kayak Fishing Smallmouth Bass

Kayak fishing the Harpeth River and the Cumberland River… both just outside of Nashville, TN. Kayak fishing is a great way to get exercise and is very relaxing. Not to mention, it’s fun! Enjoy this video and other fishing, kayaking and outdoor videos at www.youtube.com/summertimeken

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Giant Smallmouth Bass on the Great Lakes

Jason Mitchell Outdoors – Season 14 – Episode 18 – Chequamegon Bay near Ashland Wisconsin is one of the most notorious smallmouth bass fisheries on the Great Lakes. Join host Jason Mitchell and guide Roger LaPenter as they share some tips and strategies for fishing this trophy bass fishery.




Lure Fishing #52 – Bucktail Jig Fishing for Big Smallmouth Bass in Early Spring

Total smallmouth bass in the video: 4
Total chain pickerel in the video: 1
Total fallfish in the video: 1

Best smallmouth bass in the video: 1:15
Best chain pickerel in the video: 5:54
Best fallfish in the video: 3:34

I was jig fishing where a small river meets a lake in New York during early spring (mid April, 2014). The final few acres of ice on the lake melted the same day that I was jig fishing, so the water was very cold. I was jigging and twitching bucktail jigs, micro jigs, tube jigs, and curly tail jigs over drop-offs, but I had the best success while bucktail jig fishing. I ended up catching a big smallmouth bass, some other chunky smallmouth bass, a fallfish, and a chain pickerel before leaving.

This is one of many videos in the Lure Fishing series — watch others for triple-digit numbers of fish, trophy fish, the tips and techniques I pick up along the way, and more!




How To Catch GIANT Smallmouth Bass w/ Pete Gluszek – Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

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Short sneak peek of Pete Gluszek’s 52 minute smallmouth bass class on The Bass University TV. Catching a giant smallmouth bass aka “Smallie” may be one of the most exciting things about bass fishing! Smallies are well known for being very aggressive and a blast to catch; they are also notorious for being difficult to locate from day to day. Consistently catching these big Smallmouths is Pete Gluszek’s expertiese and he will share the tips and techniques with you that he uses to put these brown fish in the boat! Pete talks about their preferred habitat, seasonal patterns, techniques, lures, and much more.

Pete covers:
-Lure color selection
-Stinger treble hook for spinnerbait
-Changing lure colors to re-ignite the school of bass
-Power-finesse approach
-Drop-shot rig




Utah Smallie Fishing

Compilation of smallmouth fishing in Northern Utah. Filmed over the 2013 season.

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Monster Musky Eats Smallmouth – The Fish of a Lifetime!

Al Lindner and Dan Eigen were out filming a smallmouth piece for Mills Fleet Farm’s We Love It! Outdoors TV show in 2012. Dan had a pretty good smallie coming in when it suddenly turned into a great catch. Watch the through the roof excitement both Dan and Al show while hauling in this catch of a lifetime!




Pre Spawn Smallmouth Bass-VM Fishing

Vince Morton of VM Fishing and Modern Outdoor Sportsman talks about Spawning Bass Techniques. Vince takes you through Pre Spawn Bass behavior and also the best gear to use to increase your chances of success.

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My name is Vince Morton, Pro staff for ModernOutdoorSportsman.com and sponsored fishermen for MonsterRiverBass.com. Catching Smallmouth bass is what I do best, and I have been fortunate enough to now show off my skill to the world through my sponsors. What separates me from the rest is my drive and my passion to be out there, weather its a pond, lake, or river I am out there finding those fish even in the most brutal of conditions. Born and raised in Illinois, I grew up with fishing in some of the best Smallmouth territory the United States has to offer. With Wisconsin just next door I made the waterways of both states my everyday playground for figuring out Smallmouth activity. The dark stained rivers of Wisconsin are known for some of the biggest and best Smallmouth bass fishing. A rocky bottom and shore line with vast amounts of forage, the rivers of Wisconsin make the Smallmouth fishing incomparable to many other Smallmouth fisheries in the country. I’m grateful to have the best Smallmouth fishing in the world right in my back yard. The Smallmouth bass is pound for pound one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish out there. Its there habitat and attitude that separate it from the rest. I’ve been lucky enough to crash heads with this fish since I was a kid, and only at 21 years old I’m ready to take this fish on till my last cast.