Personal Best!! (FT. Tylersreelfising) – Nopiming Park Smallmouth Bass

– Welcome back, we’re in Manitobawith a special guest, TylersReelFish. And Tyler and I have beensocial media buddies for a while I guess. – A while.
– A while. – First time meeting in person though. – First time meeting and this isTyler’s first time fishing in Manitobaand right now he’s
pinching all of his barbs,which is new to him. – Mmhmm. – But it’ll save our
hands if we get hooked,it’ll be easier on the fish,and it’ll be humbling when he losesa five pound bass later today. We’re fishing the Eastern regionwith, also, Marcelo Farrier. – Just a regular guest. – Part of the Thrive Team. – I don’t have a special rank yet. – Well, he’s special sometimes. Anyway, we’re doing a little
Eastern Manitoba tour. The Nopiming Park has, I would say,with confidence the best
smallie fishing in Manitoba,as well as some big, big walleyes. So, I mean it has big everythingbut we’re gonna be focusing on basswith a little bit of walleyesand we’re gonna have a two day smack-down,so thank you for coming along. – Heck yeah brother, feeling good. – Look at that big
bass, that’s a giant!- My gosh, okay he’s got it,got ’em, got ’em. – Unreal. – Oh my gosh, Marcel. That is big. That is huge. My gosh. – That’s a big bass. – My. . . – Marcel just hooked a giant. Five minutes into fishing,we look over the side of the boat,and we’re like, okay,
that is a big, big bass. Who’s going to net it?That’s the question. – You have a better camera. – Okay, you net it. That is a big one. – Dude. Oh my gosh. – How’s that, Marcel?Good start? – This could
be a new PB for Marcel. – What was that on?- La Croix. – Oh, that’s big. – Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh. – This is stressful. This is so stressful.
– We’re five minutes in. – We’re five minutes in. This just ate on contact. Oh, that’s cool. Oh, oh. Yes. – Oh. That’s a big,
oh that’s a big bass. Bring it up here, throw it on the tape. – Woo. – My goodness. Oh my. Wow, wow. Hold that horizontal. My goodness. – That is big. – Holy smokes. – That’s a big smallie, Marcel. – Guys, first bass of the trip. Right here.
– We saw what,like couple yards away? Just pitched it a couple. – He’s like oh, it’s there. Oh, he ate it. – Okay, throw it on the tape. What have we got?First bass, 20-incher?- Okay, right there. – Just shy of 20, 19 and a half. Yeah, almost 20
– 19 and a half. – 19 and a half. – Unreal. Personal best for Marcel. – In the Nopiming, Eastern region, 4. 6- That’s a beautiful fish. – Let’s get this guy back. – Literally two minutes in. – Look at that beast. – Woo. – Let’s go, buddy. – First fish. – That was a big one. That was a good start. I knew that there was potential,that it could be good,but that’s a cracker of a first fish. Alright, new spot. It’s getting hot. It’s all been downhill
since that first bass. But I think a PB’s coming
for Tyler pretty soon. Could this be my biggest
smallie of the day?I don’t think it’s as big as Marcel’sfour and a half pounder. Just watching Tyler
trip all over the boat. That’s a nice bass. The average size here’s good. We’re not catching tons of fish,but there are some big fish in this lake. Nice. There we go. My biggest smallie of the day. We are about to get to
what I think is probablygoing to be our A-spot
today, our best water. So. I’m going to release this fish. 18 incher, master angler. Master number two of the day. We’re going to put this back. – Alright, little update. It’s been a major, major lull,but Marcel hooked up, on the spinner bait,second biggest of the day. Adding to his total. So far he’s crushing us. And that is another master smallie. That one’s 3. 7 pounds. – So you did a ton of guiding. – Yeah. Oh, ooh, big. We got us a giant eight, boat-side. I think we found an area,I think we’re getting onto them. This is my biggest of the day. On the swim bait. That is a big white bass. Oh. Man. We haven’t been catching tons,but the average size
today is just ridiculous. – That’s a big one. – Aw. – Oh. – That’s okay. That’s okay, that was
probably four pounder. Sorry, blew up on that. Ooh. – What you got?What you got?- This feels good. – We don’t do on net. – Yeah. – He’s got something big. He’s got a big smallie. Oh, boy. Jay’s got one. – Oh, there’s a follower. – Is there really?Yep, yep, yep, yep. Oh no. Oh. That was almost really, really bad. – Spot lock it. – I got him, I got the-Gosh, dang it. I had the follower. He came out and ate it. – Yeah, that’s a big one. – Finally got a good one. This guy choked a swim bait. I think we’re starting to
get a bit of a pattern. Look at the bellies. Look at the belly on that fish. Ooh. That is a chunky, chunky
monkey right there. – Oh. – He was one foot in there. – Shoot. – Oh, that’s big.
– Shoot. – That’s big. – Marcel. – Unreal. – Let me get a camera,which camera should I get?- You want to do this one?- Yeah. – And. . . we’re rolling. – Alright. He’s got a big one. Oh my gosh, Marcel. – That’s a big fish. – Yes. – That’s a big fish.
– There you go. – Wow, I didn’t
think it was that big. – No, I didn’t either. – Wow. We’re doing it, Marcel’s on fire. Back of the boat. – Got him. Got a big one. Big one, big one, big one. Yeah. – There we go, we are on them boys. – We have figured
out the pattern this evening. And the pattern, oh, is thick, healthysmall-mouth on spinner baits. – Did you just catch one?- I don’t know what I got. It’s like, we’re at the
point now where we don’t-Oh my gosh. Whoa. That’s a bass. That’s a bass. Whoa, whoa. Whoa. Three and a half. – Is it go time?- Yes. Three and a half pounder. – There you go. – Good pound upgrade from last time. – Awesome. Take a couple stills and put it back. – Beautiful fish. – Big body. – Oh, yeah. – Well, I think it’s safe to saywe didn’t figure things out right away. It took a little bit. We’ve been fishing for how many hours now?We started fishing at?- Ten?- We started fishing at ten,
it’s probably 4:00 or 5:00 now. Only in the last three, two to three hoursI’d say we figured things out. We did get lucky with a
big one right at the start. But it was the guy at the
back of the boat, Marcel,throwing a spinner bait that showed uswe needed to change things up. I don’t know, Tyler, do
you want to talk about why?- The reaction bait type thing?- Yeah, just kind
of what we figured out. – So, when you go out on the water,you’ve got to go in with
kind of an open mindas to how the fish are going to react. And we get out here today
expecting them to bite,you know, classic small-mouth baits. You know, finesse tactics,like a drop-shot net-rig,
hair-rig type thing,especially when these fish
are feeding on mayflies,like they should be during this mayflyhatch that we’re having right now. But as the day progressed,
we got less and less bitesdoing that sort of thing,and Marcel, I mean we laughed at himfor pulling out the spinner-bait. We were like, you’re never
going to catch a small-mouthon a white spinner-bait. And then he goes off
and catches a big one. And so of course,you follow the guy
that’s got the bent rod,the bent rod pattern,and we kind of figured out these
fish are in an active mood. We don’t exactly know why. We don’t know if they’re
pre-spawn or post-spawn bass,but they’re fat, and they’re
excited to eat this thing. And so basically, we cast it out thereand reel it straight back in,not a whole lot of action involved. You know what is the action involvedis some big bass. – That’s the good stuff. Oh, you got him. Big one. Big one. Good grief. Nah, that’s not a big one. Oh, whoa. – Did you get that?- Did I get that?I did get that. That was insane. Oh my gosh. – We’re calling it a day. That’s a wrap. Be back at it early tomorrow. Marcel was the star today,I’m predicting Tyler tomorrow. Back at it after some
big, big bronze bass. And I think we’re going to switch lakes. But for now, we’ll have some beautifuldrone footage as we
fly back to the launch. – It’s a big of a disaster. – I just caught
some of this drop-shot. – When you have three
fishermen in the boatand you don’t know what
the fish are biting. That is our situation today. It is day two. We’re fishing a new lake
in the Nopiming today,and it’s raining. A little different weather. Today is going to be Tyler’s day. Yesterday was Marcel’s day. He lit it up, couple four pounders. I didn’t do quite as well, lost a big one. Tyler caught some bass and a lot of pike. So I don’t know, what’s going
to happen differently today?Oh. Oh, are we starting it quick?- That’s going to happen today. – That was
ridiculous timing. That was ridiculous timing. – Oh my Gosh. – Alright, we’re back
at it with TylersReelFishing,Marcelo Ferrier. Day two on our bass tour. And we’re looking for a PB. – I think it’s a bass. – Ooh, nice one. Oh. – Come on. That was only like a three and a half. – Oh, that was a good start. So Tyler, let’s- I was thinkingsomething that would
be good for the viewersis to give them some tips on,tips for the guy in the back of the boat. Obviously, Marcel did well yesterday,being there’s three guys in the boat. With three people in the boat,you’ve covering water very fast,and I don’t know, do you
want to give some pointers?Because you’ve been co-angler beforein some bigger tournaments. – I have been. So for guys in the back of
the boat that are fishing,oftentimes you’re not going to
want to throw the same thingthat, if you’re in a tournament, per se,that your pro in the front is throwing. So like yesterday, I think Jay and Iwere both throwing
top-waters and net-rigs,that kind of stuff,and so Marcel, being the
crazy Canadian that he is,threw a spinner-bait. And that’s kind of what
co-angler’s all about,is that you want to throw something,even if it’s outlandish and off the wall,you want to throw something that the guyin the front of the boat is not throwing. And that oftentimes will get youthe bites that the guy in
the front is not getting. And then, as well, you want to be payingvery close attention
to where he’s throwing. So, I don’t know, I
can’t speak for Marcel,what he was doing yesterday,but what you want to do is basicallylook at the angles and
the places where yourboater is casting and fishing,and you want to kind of work
the areas in and around that. Because there’s way more fish thanthe guy in the front can catch. There’s so many fish in
every lake in the country,and so you want to make
sure you’re coveringthe water that the guy
in the front is not. – Got it. – Got it?- Yeah. Oh my gosh. I don’t know, but he just slammed me. And I’m trying to catch up to him. – Oh, big bass. – Gosh. Gosh. Chill out, fish. – Tyler’s hooked up. We got a good one. – Come on, fish, come on. Come on. – Day two, early morning. Come on, Tyler, this is your day. – Don’t do it to me. Oh, it is nice-sized. – That’s a nice fish. – Ooh, there we go. That’s a good one. – That’s a good one, heck yeah. Talk to the mouth on the chatter-bait. Absolute beauty. Such a cool fish. I love that at this lake this islike an average-sized fish. This would be a giant down south,an absolute giant down south. So cool. Beauty. See you. – We’ve relocated to the
base of the waterfalls. We’re going to put the drone up. Tyler’s going to throw a top-water on. And we’re going to try
to get some cool footage. – Guys are doubled up. Doubled up, doubled up, what do we got?We got any size?
– Mine’s decent. – I think mine’s decent, too. – Yours is good. Am I going to net both and film this?Oh boy.
– Oh, my, yes. – Oh, boy. – Is yours big?- Nah, three and a half, I think. – Three and a half’s big. What do we trust, me netting it?Oh. – Mine’s like three, barely. – Oh, boy. Come on. There’s a lot going on,
oh, that’s a big one. – Don’t you jump. My first cast with the La Croix. Ooh. Oh, scary. – I’m scared about
trying to net this. – Scary moments. – Ah, I don’t want to force him. Oh, yeah. We got one. – Woo. – Let’s go. Oh, you got that?No, you net, you net, I’m filming. – I got my fish in the net,and then Marcel’s. – Oh, those are both good ones. Doubled. Look at that. That is a bunch of big bass right there. Look at that, guys. Manitoba double-header. – Let’s go. He’s a fat boy. – Alright, put them on the tape. Is that double-header master anglers?I think so. – I don’t know
if mine will get there. No, mine’s. . .
– Oh, it’s close. – But just a football. – Oh, mine is 18.
– Oh, yeah, 18. – 18. – Master angler, nice. – Oh, yeah, 19. – 18 and a 19 double-header. That’s- that’s good, boys.
– Let’s go. – Here we go. – Double-header, on the release. Swimming away slowly. But they’re healthy. Let me tell you, I’m feeling it. Let me tell you. Oh. Oh, Marcel. Oh yes. – Big bass. Oh.
– Oh. – I don’t know
how big, but it’s big. – Yep, let me get the net. – We got a big one. – Where is the net?- We got a monster. Little lull in the action. We’re about to call it a trip. And monster Marcel is hooked up again. – Marcel, breaking. – Oh. So big.
– Big fish. Big fish. – How are you feeling, Marcel?- I’m pumped. Already broke my PB yesterday. I don’t think this one’s
going to do it again, but. – It’s big. – But it’s a big fish. – Man. – Jay, actually, he just said,I think we should leave this spot,and Tyler and I were
like, eh, I don’t know,this spot looks pretty good. And the next cast. – Marcel’s definitely
the star of this trip. Man. – Let’s go. Wow, my friend. – Day two. Little tougher, but. – We’re still cracking them. – So good. So good.
– Let me put this guy back. – She gone. Well, this might be the last timeyou ever see Tyler on the vlog. – Ever?- No, I’m just kidding. – No. – Thank you, Tyler.
– Uh huh. – For coming all the way to Manitoba. – Good time. – And enjoying some
small-mouth of the big variety. Unfortunately, Tyler didn’t get his jumbo. But that means he’s going to come back. Marcel stole the show this time. – He did. – So this might be, actually, Marcel’slast time on the vlog. – Possibly. – What did we learn?You know, when fish are scatteredafter the spawn,which is, I think, what we determined,they’re scattered. You’ve got to fish a lot of shoreline. You’ve got to, you know, try everything. We caught some fish on some deep bankswhere they’re eating bait fish. We caught them up in the shallow weeds. And at that point, fast
with reaction bait. And you just, you cover ground. It’s not always some special pattern. Sometimes it’s just fishing
as much water as possible. Eastern Manitoba, Nopiming. There are so many good lakes. Shoe Lake, Booster Lake,
Tooth Lake, Cornell Lake,Manigotagan, Manigotagan River
has some smallies as well. There’s a ton that I didn’t list, either,and the ones that I didn’t
list might be some of the best. If you are not subscribed
to TylersReelFishing,make sure you subscribe. He is very informative. He is a very good videographer. He likes to film fish eating
random things underwater,such as turtles, armadillos. He once had a video of
a bass eating a raccoon. – Uh huh. – Crazy stuff. Check out his channel,
make sure you subscribe. And we’ll see you later. – Anything else we
need to tell the viewers?- Don’t do drugs. – Don’t do drugs. – No. Catch more fish. – Catch bass. Yeah, catch big bass. Respect your mom, that’s
pretty important as well. And as Marcel’s tattoo
says, do what you can. Is that what it says?- Yeah. – Yes, got it.

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