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Hey, BassResource. John Crews here, ICAST
2013, and I’ve got some brand new stuff fromPinnacle Fishing. I’ve been fishing the tournament
class rods and reels for quite a while andthey stepped up the game once again. They’ve got three really new, cool products
here. I’ll start with the reel; this is thePrimus XI hand-tuned reel. This is a $249
reel. It’s got ten ball bearings and the really,really neat part of this reel is that it’s
5. 8 ounces. Really, really light weight, butit’s also hand-tuned,which means for the life
of this reel, if at the end of the season,you want to send it back to Pinnacle, they
will clean it up, hand tune it for you, sendit back to you no charge for the life of the
reel. So, that is a really, really neat feature
on this reel that you can’t get with any otherreel. I’ve never heard of that before. It’s
a really neat deal. This is the Primus XIhand-tuned reel. This is going to be a staple
of what I’m fishing with next year, I canpromise you that. But, what this thing is
attached to is the new, top-of-the-line PinnaclePerfecta 7 rods. These things are unbelievable. I didn’t think
that they could improve upon the DHC5 rodsthat they have, but they absolutely did it
with these. I’ve been fishing with some ofthe prototypes earlier this year. They’ve
got these Fuji titanium guides. I didn’t realizewhat a difference these guides make until
I fished with them. Unbelievable, very strong, very sensitive,
and they definitely increase your castingdistance. And the blanks are just unbelievably
light. And the really cool part about these7s is that I got to design specifically, exactly
what I wanted in five of the different models. It’s exactly what I wanted. I got a rod that’s
perfect for deep crankbait fishing; it’s the7-foot, 10-inch medium heavy. So, you can
throw those big crankbaits a long ways andit’s super sensitive and it’s super light
so you can fish with it all day. I’ve got a few other models, a 6-foot, 10-inch
shaky head spinning rod. It’s exactly whatI want in a spinning rod for fishing a shaky
head. So, very technique-specific rods. Exactlywhat I need to fish with on tour. These are
going to retail from anywhere from $349 to$399. And you can not get a better rod than these
Perfecta 7s. They’re going to have a spotin my tackle box and this is what’s going
to be in my hand when money’s on the linenext year. But, I’ve got one more thing to
show you. And it is this new reel from Pinnacle. It’s
called the Producer LTE. The interesting partabout this reel is that it’s 5. 75 ounces.
Very lightweight reel, retails for $99. Neverseen that before. I don’t know how they’re
doing it, but it’s a super light reel, verysturdy. You get all the Pinnacle features,
you get the magnetic brake adjustment andyou get the other dial over here. It’s got
the same silky smooth drag as all the Pinnaclereels have. So, I mean, 5. 75 ounces in $100
retail price point, that’s really hard tobeat. So, I know these things are going to
be hot. And, more than likely, I’m going tobe fishing these as well, also. That’s the
Producer LTE reel. That’s all the new stuff here at ICAST 2013
from Pinnacle.

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