Position Yourself To Catch More Bass This Spring

Matt explains how boat positioning plays a major part in catching bass. He breaks down when to fish uphill vs. downhill in this short video.

Matt’s Favorite Baits for fishing Uphill…

Huddleston Swimbait:
Deep Diving Crankbait:
Keitech Swimbait:
Matt Allen Swimbait Head:

Favorite Baits for Fishing Downhill…

Pitchin’ Jig:
Medium Diving Crankbait:

Matt’s Trolling Motor- Fortrex 112:

The key to knowing how to position a bass boat to catch more bass is to know the bass’ main forage. If bass eat crawdads, bluegill, or other panfish then you typically position the boat out deep, cast shallow, and work your bait downhill.
If bass are eating trout, kokanee, gizzard shad, etc… you typically position the boat shallow, cast deep, and work the bait uphill.

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