Post-Spawn Smallmouth Fishing – Soft Plastic Jerkbait

All right, so we’ve got our first spot here. We’re going to have a mix of sun and clouds
today, which is actually one of my favoriteconditions to fish. Post-spawn, summer patterns, with a soft plastic
jerkbait. It’s one of the most visually exciting things
we can fish, especially in this clear waterbecause the fish really come out and they
chase it hard, they aggressively eat it. We can fish it almost anywhere in the water
column. Particularly, I like pink in clear water, the
smallmouth get really aggressive with it. We’re just going to look for isolated structure,
cast past it. Twitch the soft plastic jerk bait, let it
sink a little bit, twitch, twitch, let it sink. Oftentimes, those fish just come out and they
pound it. Or, at the very least, they give away their
location, and we can go back with a drop-shotor a tube. Let’s see how we do!I’m just going to use the trolling motor to
really stealthily get in on this spot. All this is is a Texas-rigged soft plastic jerkbait. I like this, which happens to be made by Yamamoto,
it’s the D Shad, but any soft plastic jerkbaitworks well. We’re just Texas-rigging it, and we’re putting
off a little kink to the side just so it hasa really nice side-to-side darting action. We’re going to make a long cast past the structure,
and see who’s home. This is a great option to cover a lot of water,
because we can fish this fairly aggressively. Because we’re in the post-spawn period, these
fish are willing to really chase pretty aggressively. So, we can put the trolling motor on 50% or
70% – just a high speed – and really covera lot of ground, looking for that isolated
structure. Got ’em – on the pink fluke. This is a really nice one. Nice 3 pounds or so. They are so awesome in this clear water, and I
just. . . I can’t get over how pretty these fish are. It’s a real treat to be able to fish for these. I want to see if we can get him in here. That’s the product of a pink fluke right there. What a dandy. Post-spawn, casting to isolated structure,
I like to use that fluke as a search tool. Kind of see who’s home, and then a lot of
times they eat it, but if they don’t – we’llthrow something back like a drop-shot rig
or a Senko. Let’s let this guy go, he’ll swim away healthy. There he goes. Awesome!For more information, or if you’re looking for a Captain or Guide in
the State of Michigan, please give Sport FishMichigan a call or check us out on the web
at www. SportFishMichigan. com.

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