Read about Smallmouth fishing on the upper Willamette

Read About Smallmouth fishing on the Upper Willamette

Fishing for Smallmouth on the Willamette River in Oregon

Hello fellow fisherman!

This is Randy Yancey avid bass fisherman and webmaster from Springfield Missouri.

Recently I had the good fortune to take a working vacation to the Portland/Vancouver area. As my son had moved here in the summer of 2013 for his career, I was happy to come out here to work in my career as a manager for a travel company. smallmouth fishing upper willamette

smallmouth fishing the upper Willamettesmallmouth fishing the upper Willamette

We first had scheduled a Saturday bass tournament with three local bass clubs, one of which my son Westin recently became a member of. We left his home in Vancouver about 5:30 am for a 7:00 am take off from the lower Willamette River a couple of miles below the falls. The weather was a little misty with temperatures in the lower 60’s. smallmouth fishing upper willamette

We decided as the 13th of 16 boats in the tourney to head upstream towards the falls as 80% of the boats did.

Fishing from his 17′ Pro17 Bass Tracker, we of course were last to arrive at the mouth of the river leading to Lake Oswego. After throwing a spinnerbait and numerous colors of tube baits with no success, we decided to fish soft plastic finesse baits (flukes and wacky worms) to see if we could get the fish to bite something.

smallmouth fishing the upper Willamette river, bass tracker







Finally about 10 am, after pulling into a backwater little cut, Westin finally coerced a 13″ smallmouth to gobble up his orange colored Wacky Worm and the first keeper was in the boat. We thought maybe that our luck had changed. But no more fish in that slackwater cove were biting. this can be smallmouth fishing upper willamette.

We decided to find some water with current and try a little crankbait fishing to go after the big ones this river holds. We motored down to the mouth of the Clackamas River, the current was strong and we tied on crankbaits. I fished a large, deep diving wiggle wart in firetiger red for the next 30 minutes and my son tried a ivory colored deep diver too. After tying on a blue/black backed shad colored crankbait, and coming to a lab rocked bank, I got a huge hit on my bait and pulled in a beautiful light-colored smallie of about 17 inches. smallmouth fishing upper willamette


smallmouth fishing the upper Willamette
Randys Keeper Smallmouth, Willamette River in Oregon










Sad to say, this would be the last keeper we would boat. This is smallmouth fishing upper willamette.

We fished from 12 noon, to 3:15 then headed to the weigh in.

We threw everything at them, and fished hard for over 3 hours but to no avail. This is smallmouth fishing on the upper Willamette.

But, it was a great time with my son, and turned out to be a beautiful , balmy fall day here in the Willamette River Valley in beautiful central Oregon.

All and all, it was a GREAT DAY!

Randy Yancey


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