River Bass Fishing Tips

River bass fishing is quite different from fishing in oceans and lakes. There are many adjustments that need to be made if you want to be successful.

You need to use smaller bait when fishing in rivers instead of lakes. The fish in rivers are much more active and will feast much more often on smaller baits.

When river bass fishing, you might also want to use a heavier line than normal. You might want to try using a braided line because visibility is low in rivers. You don’t need to worry so much about the fish seeing your line in the water. Because visibility is low, you need to choose baits that are highly visible. Anything with fluorescent colors or anything bright tends to work the best.

You need to change your speed in rivers and let the current do the work for you. Think about the fish, and realize that the bass are after things that look regular. Bass are much smarter than most other fish, so it’s important to try and look as natural as possible. Smaller fish traveling upstream against the strong current is not regular and they are probably not going to go after it, or run away.

Even with the right gear and using good techniques, you may not always have a successful fishing day. Just because you haven’t had the best day in the river doesn’t mean your doing anything wrong. Stick with it and eventually you will catch a few bass.

These are of course just a few of the river bass fishing strategies to keep in mind as there are many many more. This should be enough knowledge to catch some fish in some rivers.

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