River Smallmouth Fishing with SURPRISE Catch! (Vermont Wet-Wading Adventure)

My college baseball teammates and I got together for an incredible weekend in northern Vermont to catch up post-graduation and celebrate the last few weeks of summer. The crew decided to go golfing during the trip, so Ryan and I decided to duck out for an afternoon and explore what the local waterways had to offer. Using Google Maps and some basic fishing intuition, we stumbled across the location featured in this video instantaneously. I was genuinely inspired by the fishing opportunities and incredible scenery that Vermont had to offer.

We had minimal baits, a bit of a time crunch and no previous fishing experience in this region. The fishing proved to be absolutely incredible and the adventure served as a reminder that if you send it, fish will come. Looking forward to going back to this river with some learned knowledge and proper gear.

Thank you to Gilly for hosting an incredible weekend, the Babson boys and Coleman crew for being the best friends a guy can ask for, Ryan for joining me on the send and catching his first fish, and William Hung for providing the soundtrack to the day (along with copyright claiming this video. Sorry Elton John).



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