Shaky Rig Success

I am confident in the shaky rigs success when conditions are right. Especially after this seasons Bass tally; and it’s not over yet! Every fishing scenario has its time and place, which determines what bait with which combo and what technique. With this in mind, let’s discuss a few of the fishing scenarios when I like to use the shaky rig.

A shoreline that drops fast, say to 4 feet of water and flattens to a constant 6 foot depth in about 50 lineal feet is a great scenario for the shaky rig. It doesn’t matter what the bottom terrain is made up of so long as bait fish have some type of cover, whether it would be along shore or submerged. Cast the rig as close to shore as you can and shake it all the way back or vice versa when fishing from shore. Temperature will also dictate if the Smallmouth will be there so obviously early in the Bass season is prime time when the temperature is cool enough to hold them comfortably. Early mornings and late evenings are also key times.

A good bay with medium density weed growth in 4 to 6 feet of water is prime shaky rig territory as well. Remember, the rig has weed less capabilities so don’t rule out the shaky rig in this scenario. Smallmouth and Largemouth will hold in amongst the weeds for both cover from the sun and for prey ambush.

Also, a bay with consistent depths of 6 to 8 feet of water with rocky bottom terrain is excellent for the shaky rig. Especially in the mornings when the water is its coolest and the Smallmouth are on the prowl for crayfish and virtually anything that moves. The shaky concept gets their attention fast and works great when the Bass are there. This type of action is short lived normally, but reaps rewards when timed right. The Bass are in open terrain like this for one reason only and that is to feast.

Another good scenario for the shaky rig is pitching or dunking open weed pockets in thick cover for both Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. Again, because of its weed less trait it can be tossed into weed pockets letting it fall to the bottom where the Bass are. Once there, the shake can be implemented with great ease and good results.

Docks should not be overlooked when shaky rigging. Water depths of 4 to 6 feet under a dock can prove to be quite productive. The first cast and fall to bottom should get the Bass’ attention, but after the fall a good shake while the bait sits can really get the Bass committed to the bait fast. Docks combined with added structure like boulders or weed growth up our shaky odds so any dock with these characteristics could warrant a shaky rig.

These scenarios are just a few of many that could prove productive with our trusty shaky rig. But experimenting and using our instincts, knowledge and common sense together is our best resource for Bass fishing. Shaky rigging is no exception in that it has its time and place to be used. We all know that versatility has no limits so when it comes to Bass fishing we like to be versatile in our offerings and that’s where the shaky rig shines for me. Its capabilities seem endless!

Source by Nic Di Gravio

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