Shenandoah River Smallmouth! The COOLEST Riverfront Property

When you have a chance to hit riverfront property, that’s a MUST! We went to the South Fork Shenandoah near Front Royal, VA last week after we were invited by a family friend. Tina and I woke up super early, rolled back over, and went back to sleep LOL I woke up an hour or two later with the itch to fish! So we packed minimally, and got right into the truck for a river adventure. With my new kayak on board, we made the drive 1.5 hrs south and made a day of it. Nothing quite compares to quiet, scenic, fish-filled days in the summer. We enjoyed it thoroughly, hopefully you do too.


Berkley Lightning 6′ M
MegaBass Tourney Special Reel

Pline CXX 8lb Copolymer

Slider Head 3/16oz
Keitech Shad Impact 4″ Electric Shad Color
Yum 3″ Dinger Watermelon Red

GoPro 4




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