smallmouth bass

Smallmouth Bass – Freshwater Fish Facts
Smallmouth bass inhabit clear, small to medium-sized streams, rivers, and
reservoirs. They favor such underwater structures as rock outcrops, logs, treetops
, …

Brook trout

brook trout, and were colonized by transplanted smallmouth bass and perch or other introduced salmonids such as brown and rainbow trout .

9 lb Smallmouth Bass largest smallmouth captured on video9 lb Smallmouth Bass largest smallmouth captured on video
Ben Royce and Eric Haataja on May 16th, 2014 potentially caught and released a new Wisconsin State record bass that was 24 inches Long with a 20 inch girth. …

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olden-jd-epastar-092011Predicting the effects of multiple stressors on salmon (EPASTAR)
from jdolden, 2 years ago in Technology
Presentation by Julian D. Olden to EPA STAR panel (2011)

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