Smallmouth Bass Fishing

All right fish on!Little Virginia smallmouth. Not a big fish by any meanswe get a lot of fish kind of in this 10
to 12 inch range which is pretty averagefor a lot of our rivers and streams here
in Central Virginia. As you can see thatsmallmouth bass has got horizontal
stripes from the running from the eyeback across the gill plate here they’re
kind of a dark green to bronze coloredback they’ve got spines and their dorsal fin here. But you can see they have modeled
kind of black marks all the way downtheir side which will really allows them to camouflage into their surroundings really well. these fish are typically called Smallies or bronze backs and they’re a fine fish to target on a rod and reel herein central Virginia. If you like fishing out here in late summer they’re a great fish to targetand a great way to beat the summer heat is wet wading these rivers. Hi everyone! Alex McCrickard with Game and Inland Fisheries. Late summer is without a doubt
my favorite time in the year to get outand target smallmouth bass in the state
of Virginia. Pound for pound an inch forinch these are really some of the
hardest freshwater fighting fish we havein the state. Late summer is a great time
to get on target these fish because ourrivers and streams are typically at low
flow conditions. These low flows allowfor some excellent sight fishing great
water clarity this time of the year. I really enjoy wet wading our rivers and
streams across the state during thistime of year it’s a great way to beat
the summer heat. You can also get outwith a canoe or raft and float your
favorite section of a river near youwith friends and family. Low water
conditions allow for a great sightfishing opportunity. So oftentimes I’ll
try to target smallmouth bass as they’recruising the bank on a lot of our rivers
and streams you can actually spot thefish this time of the year and go
one-on-one with them. It’s also great toto find overhanging limbs and shade up
against a bank right and kind of targetthose areas. Other areas that you can
find smallmouth this time of year aregonna be in the heads of our riffles and
faster broken water. Naturally duringthis time of the year our rivers and
streams are at warmer temperatures andwarmer water typically holds less
dissolved oxygen. So those smallmouthsa lot of times be up in the heads of
these runs. Where there’s as much dissolved oxygenas they can find and they’ll be feeding up in there. It’s great to fish top water this time of
year you can get some really explosive takesI like fishing on large poppers on a 7 or 8 weight fly rod right up against the bank. A lot of people like throwing buzzbaits maybe a whopper plopper or a tiny torpedo and burn it right back. A lot of times a slow retrieve can be
beneficial too. These fish will sometimesapproach a fly or lure and almost sip
it like a trout other times a fastretrieval will generate an explosive take. You can do really well fishing subsurfacethis time of the year too. Whether you’re
fishing a minnow imitation a crankbaitor maybe you’re throwing a Clouser
minnow or a large articulated streameron a fly rod with a sink tip you can get
down in some of our deeper runs and findfish that way during the heat of the day.
Crayfish patterns hellgrammite patternsare also kind of good go to during
this time of the year. But again I reallylike fish in top water. You can really
see the fish come to the fly or the lureand it makes for some really exciting
opportunities here in Virginia. So make sure to get out this summer with friends and family and beat the heat by wet wading for smallmouth in Virginia.

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