Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Lake Champlain with Poppers

Hi Everybody,This is Dan Russell, today I’m going to take you popper fishing for Smallmouth Bass on LakeChamplain. We’re in Missisquoi bay todayusing our rapala popperOoh, got one, a little guy but, uh, a fish is a fishyea, probably about a one pound smallyyou can see our rapala popperlet that little guy gowhen you’re fishing with poppers, you want to keep the rod tip downthat way when you get a strike, you’re ready to yank the rod up and set the hookwhen you’re fishing with poppersyou want to twitch the rod tip down and towards the boatthat way you make sure you don’t have a lot of slack in the line when a fish hitsOh, Got him!Another small one, but like I said before, a fish is a fish. you can’t complain. uh. . . towards evening you’ll have your best luck catching the bigger fishI’ve caught smallies and largemouth up to about 4 pounds on poppersit gets a lot more exciting fishing at night, once you can’t see as wellyou’ll feel the fish a lot moreso that’s all for todayeveryone, i hope you enjoy fishing with poppers your next time out.

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