Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

In terms of satisfaction, smallmouth bass fishing can be one of the most rewarding and satisfying when it comes to bass fishing. This is because they are known for their ability to run, their incredible leaps in the air, as well as their strength! Although not the meatiest, smallmouth bass are popular fish among bass fishermen, here are some smallmouth bass fishing tips that should prove handy to those looking to take on this challenge in the future.

Learning Your Opponent

Having a good insights about your enemy, in this case smallmouth bass, will have immense benefit to your cause. Knowing exactly what they’re looking for in lures, how ferociously they fight the line as well as having the exact information on what gets them into your bucket is surely going to help you land those fishes easier! This is generally applicable to almost everything in fishing, understanding your fishes is winning half the battle.

Bass Fishing Technique — Walk The Dog

Not literally, but when you use this technique, you’ll be moving your slack line from left to right while pulling back the bait towards you after you’ve cast the line. To get a better picture, this technique is used to resemble actual movement of feed when they’re looking for insects to feed on, therefore think of it as moving across the surface of the water in an angled movement from left to right. This skill will need some practice but can be hugely rewarding when done right. Many have reported more success with this casting technique.

Be Patient

Understand this, bass fishes will fight for their life, more so for a smallmouth fish than others because of their agility and strength that they possessed. Therefore be extremely patient when fishing for them,you want to work them instead of forcing and tugging them in with your own strength. Patience is the key, dance with them and you’ll be having a much happier fishing trip!

Smaller Bait

Lastly, you’ll want to opt for a smaller bait for this fishing trip. Aim to just tap the water lightly, instead of going into it with larger bait. Plastic baits are usually good, but in this case a wooden spooks are more effective.

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