Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips


Smallmouth bass are plentiful and exciting – no wonder they are a popular prey. Get some great tips for catching these beauties in this article.

The smallmouth bass is such a great fish. Like a streamlined packed muscle, it is pound for pound one of the strongest fish out there and people marvel at its jumping ability. They are also darned tasty too so read on to get my great smallmouth bass fishing tips that you can start using today.

Where To Fish

Rock shoals are a great place to fish. The good thing about smallmouth bass is that they feed in both shallow and deeper waters. Ideally, you want to use a diver and bounce it along the bottom if fishing deep. The best thing about smallmouth is that you can find them pretty much anywhere, in lakes and rivers.

What Type Of Bait To Use

The usual spoons and spinners work well with smallmouth bass, as do all the over non-live lures. However, sometimes you'll find a group that will not be fooled easily and you must use live bait. The best way to cast these is to pull them to the surface and let them sink a couple of feet then repeat again. The fish seems to be easily fooled by this type of tactic. In terms of hooks then again, it depends on the area, I would pack a few different types of hook to experiment. A quiet word with a fellow fisher will also help you a lot.


Most people fly fish for smallmouth bass these days and I recommend a 7 to 9 foot rod for best results.


Source by Gary Morgan

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