Smallmouth Bass Grubs – No More Jigging

One of the most effective methods for nailing smallmouth bass in recent years has been swimming jigs. Many anglers have started to realize that jigs don’t always need to be traditionally jigged; they can simply be reeled in, like a spinner bait. However, a lively looking grub is much more appetizing, and perhaps, realistic, than a spinner bait.

One of the problems of swimming grubs is that you may loose a lot of gear if you are prospecting in holes and snags, like most good anglers do. A solution to losing gear is finding cheaper sources of quality tackle, so getting snagged doesn’t sting your wallet as much. Manufacturers have long been charging astronomical prices on lead jig heads and plastic baits that most likely cost pennies to make.

With the ability to offer goods on the Internet at low cost, smaller, independent tackle makers have been flooding the market, reducing the cost of tackle, and making fishing more enjoyable. The cost differential is substantial. With access to parts from wholesalers, lure makers have shown what the true cost of some of these lures actually are. Lead heads for example, for tubes, are often 5 dollars or more for five, if you by name brand hooks.

These prices get way too high if you start fishing some fish infested snags. Some small manufacturers sell high quality jig heads at a price of $10 for fifty jig heads. All of the sudden fishing with quality tackle becomes much more affordable. And the plastic that can be used with these jig heads can also be had for much less than retail prices. Independent plastic pourers have mad some amazing creations for reasonable prices.

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