– No! – We on ’em, baby, we on ’em!Dig in!We got ’em!That’s it. That’s alright, they spit it,’cause it was going
right back in their homeand saying “Look, give
me some of that chicken. “”I want some of that chicken. “Wow. – Give me the chicken. – Thank you, sir. – Thank you. – Well it’s important to rememberthat this is a drinking water supply. So there are restricted areas,both for shore fishing and boats. Our boat, today, needed to meet
the regulatory restrictionsof a 25-horsepower maximum engine. – So wait, I just can’t
put my dingy in there?All said and done?- No, no, no. They won’t allow you. You do need get your boat
what’s called sealed,and that’s through the
Department of Conservationand Recreation. Now what they’re trying
to do is really limit thatcross-contamination of
milfoil or invasive species. And that’s just to save
our drinking water. – I like that idea. Sometimes rules are good. – So if you gotta rent a boat?Get here early; they go quick. – Oh no, oh no!- Big fatty. – Big fatty. Look at that. Oh my God bro!- Look it. – Wow, pig, bro, pig smallie. Oh my God, wow. – Look at the markings on that. Beautiful tiger. – Dude, that’s nice. Look at that. Is that called dorsal fin?Bro, you know the spots man. You know the spots. – Drop off over there,gonna cast it over the drop off,bring it back. We’re in the middle of the
lake, 15 feet of water. They were loving the gold, the gold blade,right out the bottom. Anything shiny catches their eye. Water temp, 56 degrees. So they’re really starting to turn on now. They’re feeding before
they get into the beds. That’s what you do before you get to bed,you wanna get that energy,get that power box and
get that stamina baby,get that stamina! – Located in the heart
of central Massachusets,the Robin Res was built
between 1930 and 1939to satisfy the growing demand
for clean drinking water. – While several townsin an entire valley was flooded,it created an accidental wildernesswhere bald eagles can be seen nesting. More importantly for fisherman,is the underwater environment
that has flourished. It’s cold water producesthe state’s best smallmouth fishing. Solid 18 bronze there. – The trees marks the depth,so it’s actually like a shelf,so it’s like ten feet,and then it drops down to 30. You’re basically on the shore,on the break line. They’re just waiting for
everything to come right overand just bob or so. – We just sit there and feed them. – I just think they want. . . – Something more natural?- Just something a little smaller,not as, so the Blade Bait vibrates,- Yeah. – So as it drops, it simulates a deador dying gold minnow. But, as you pull it up, it’s
got a vibration aspect to it,and that really drives the fish nuts. Now, it can go either way. You can get ’em to come off the bottom,come up from any depth and attack it,but at the same time,
it could be too much. Today, with the bright sun,I just think that they’re a
little more sensitive today,and they’re looking for a smaller bait,not so much vibration. So, I’m going with the gold Kastmaster,just kind of pumping it. Basically simulating a live
minnow, and then it dies. Live minnow, and it dies. – It dies, he dies. – We’ll hit it on the
down, when it’s falling,obviously the minnow is dying. Something different, try it out. I got one. – You got one?You got one?- Yep. – Nice. – Huge mama, four
pounds, four pounds. – Pull him!Where’s he at?- He’s under here. This is a definite net fish. – Okay. – Big for the small mouth. – Whoo! Get him!Get him! Get him!Yeah, yeah, woohoo!Whoo!What do you know about that, boy?!Look at the size of this!- Ahahah!- Look at the size of this!Oh, I did it!- Oh my God!- Come to your daddy!- Come to papa!Oh my— Whoooo!- Oh my God!- Smashin’ ’em, kid!- Bro!Dude!- This is what it’s about!- Wow!- This is what it’s about!You come out here, you put— Wow!- Your work in. – Wow!- You know what?- And now, we’re out
here, out here grindin’!- All gold, baby!All gold!- Hell yeah!Hell yeah. – Taking the gold Kastmaster yellowtailjust dropping it, letting it sit,sun’s pushing ’em right to the bottom,and this thing is mean!This thing is mean, baby!- Oh, man. – That’s unbelievable. 20 inches!That’s a four even. – Four even!- 20 inch, four pound
small mouth, unbelievable. They flooded four towns for this, alright?Almost 70 years ago. – Laker!- Get em, mama!- Nope, moh-no. – That’s a fat fish, bro. – Laker!Nah, moh-no. – That is a massive fish!Look at that!- Haha, yeah!

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