Smallmouth Bass Swimming Underwater-Engbretson Underwater Photography

How do you film Smallmouth Bass Underwater? When photographing fish underwater, we often encounter smallmouth bass, which are perhaps the friendliest and most curious of all freshwater fish. This video shows how easy it is to interact with smallmouth bass underwater. See them swim with the camera as they make their way across a rocky lakescape. (Filmed underwater in Vilas County, Wisconsin with a GoPro Hero 4 Black.)

More about our underwater bass photography and videos:
Unlike many of our native animals, we rarely see fish in their natural state. We can go outside and observe birds, deer, squirrels and other wildlife going about their day and doing the things animals do: Eating, mating and raising their young. But fish live in a world that’s largely invisible to us, so when we do see them, it’s usually when they’re far removed from their natural environment and behavior.

Because we only see fish at the end of our fishing lines or on our dinner plates, we tend to view fish only for the utilitarian value they offer us instead of appreciating them for their ecological and intrinsic value.

Our photography and videos show what fish really look like in their natural habitat, celebrating the aquatic world by showing the inherent natural beauty of freshwater fish and the uniqueness of the freshwater environments where they live.

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