Smallmouth Bass Tips – Keys to Success

For more than 25 years I’ve been fishing for smallmouth bass and in that time I’ve learned some tips that I’m going to pass along in this article. These tips are really the key s to success if you want to be a successful smallmouth bass angler. If these tips seem fairly obvious, make no mistake they are. In my view fishing is just like life in that the simplest things are often the most effective. Smallmouth fishing is no different.

These smallmouth bass tips are for fishing in various water conditions. As we all know, smallmouth bass swim in lakes as well as rivers and small streams. These tips can be used in the various water conditions where smallmouth bass swim. The more we as anglers understand these fish and the things that make them bite the better anglers we will become, and thus the more bass we will catch.

  1. Use Live Bait – Smallmouth bass love live bait and when it comes to live bait, few things are more effective than live worms. Live worms are great bait for these fish and when it comes to tips and live worms, gang hooks are a must. Gang hooks are the most natural and effective way to present live worms as bait. Live crayfish are another excellent bait for smallmouth bass. Live crayfish can be rigged very effectively on a set of gang hooks as well. The bottom line is to use live bait when you can when fishing for these bass. Especially when it comes to fishing in rivers and small steams for smallmouth bass.
  2. Use Light Line – Smallmouth bass are normally found in clear water and have sensitive eyesight. For these reasons we as bass anglers should use fishing line that’s as light as possible. The lighter your line the more bites you will get, it’s as simple as that. Six to eight pound test should suffice for almost all smallmouth bass fishing. I even go as light as four pound test when fishing in small rivers and streams.
  3. Use The Weather To Your Advantage – The weather plays a huge role in the behavior of fish. Learning the simple ways that the weather affects the behavior of fish is one of the most important smallmouth bass tips. Knowing what barometric pressure changes and frontal systems do to the feeding behavior of smallmouth bass is of the utmost importance. It’s not necessary to become a scholar on the weather either; the basics will do just fine.

These smallmouth bass tips will make anyone a more successful angler. These tips have been proven through real fishing experience over the past twenty five years. Are these tips simple, you bet. But as I said, being simple makes them that much more effective. Give one or all of these smallmouth bass tips sooner, rather than later. You won’t be disappointed.

Source by Trevor Kugler

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