Smallmouth Bass Tips with Tom Rosenbauer

so we’re fishing for pre-spawn just
spawning swamis there’s a few beds we’regonna stay away from the beds we’re not
going to fish fish on the bed so we’relooking for fish mainly females the
bigger females that are a little bitdeeper so what I’m gonna do is cast in
toward the shell but not all the wayinto where the beds are let that fly
sink and as when I first make the castI’m gonna tighten up my line because
sometimes Bess will take the fly as itdropped and you can often see that lie
straighten there’ll be a little bit of alittle bit of curl in the line and if
you see those curls straight and thatmeans a bass has taken it on the drop
and then I’m going to use fairly slowstrips and give it plenty of time to
drop in between don’t worry aboutmissing the strikes because you will
feel that tightness or see the linetighten so I’m going to start out with
really slow strips with a lot of pausein between see if that works as with all
other kinds of fishing if you’re notcatching fish then you need to switch up
your retrieves try something differentso I’m using an intermediate line and a
weighted fly so that I can get deep if Ineed to you know with that intermediate
slow sinking line if I want to go in andfish the shallows I still am not hanging
bottom every time and what you want todo is make sure that you keep your rod
tip low to the water we got a little bitof wind today and if you keep your rod
tip low to the water you’re gonna keepthat fly totally in control you’re not
gonna have a lot of slack blown aroundin the wind and you’re also gonna be
able to see and feel those strikes a lotbetterthere’s a fishso what we’ve been doing is switching
out retrieved that’s the first thing youwant to try is to switch out your treats
try slow try fast try erratic trywhatever this one I picked up my pace
and picked up this pretty nicesmallmouth by picking up the pace which
I wouldn’t think would work this time ofyear but it workedtook a dragon tail jig fly there she

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