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Joe Pool Lake

Buffalo, Smallmouth | 16.30 | 27.50 | December 26, 2005 | Bennett Fishing tips: Marked brush piles offer habitat in the lower end of the

How to Fish Jerkbait Smallmouth - bass fishingHow to Fish Jerkbait Smallmouth – bass fishing
Join Kurt Mazurek of as he discusses how to fish jerkbaits for prespawn smallmouth bass during the late spring in northern Wisc…

Smallmouth Bass – Ohio DNR
The Smallmouth Bass fishing forecast ranks the best lakes greater than 50 acres in the state based upon standardized fish surveys conducted during the previous five …

top-three-techniques-for-spring-smallmouth-bass-fishingTop three techniques for spring smallmouth bass fishing
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More Tips On Smallmouth Bass Fishing In Spring These spring smallmouth bass fishing techniques are proven to work and can produce some nice quality big smallmouth bass. Try them out and see for yourself. Remember, the colder the water, then the slower you may need to go. You might also like to try dead stick fishing if the bite seems to be off. Good luck freshwater fishing! Show us your catch! Share your smallmouth bass fishing pictures with us. We want to see what you got! Buy the Award

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