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Seasonal Habits of the Smallmouth Bass – Bass Fishing Resource …
Discover how to adapt to the movements of the Smallmouth bass as the seasons
… with a small splitshot) tip the jig head with plastics, a 3" craw is tough to beat.

Bass fishing

Bass fishing is the activity of angling bass (Micropterus salmoides), Smallmouth bass php About Bass, Bass Fishing and Bass Fishing Tips .

Joe Holland Drop Shot Fishing Tips for Smallmouth BassJoe Holland Drop Shot Fishing Tips for Smallmouth Bass
Everstart and BASS Open pro Joe Holland tracks down a couple thick smallmouth bass with his electronics and closes the deal drop shotting one of the NEW Gamb…

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips –
Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips : To catch smallmouth bass consistently, you must understand a few basic fishing principles that always apply, regardless of the …

improving-connectivity-for-fishImproving connectivity for fish
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