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Seasonal Habits of the Smallmouth Bass – Bass Fishing Resource …
Discover how to adapt to the movements of the Smallmouth bass as the seasons
… with a small splitshot) tip the jig head with plastics, a 3" craw is tough to beat.

Smallmouth bass

The smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) is a species of freshwater fish in ability when hooked – old fishing journals referred to the

Joe Holland Drop Shot Fishing Tips for Smallmouth BassJoe Holland Drop Shot Fishing Tips for Smallmouth Bass
Everstart and BASS Open pro Joe Holland tracks down a couple thick smallmouth bass with his electronics and closes the deal drop shotting one of the NEW Gamb…

5 Tips to Catching Big Smallmouth Bass – World Fishing Network
Go from catching average-sized smallmouth bass to trophies with these five great tips for catching big smallmouth bass.

fish-review-09Fish Review 09
from BlueThumb, 5 years ago in Technology
This presentation shows the most common Oklahoma native fish species and simple identification tips.

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