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Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship

Championship is a catch and release smallmouth bass fishing tournament held on Entertainment consists of live bands, MuchMusic video

Smallmouth Bass Fishing on BedsSmallmouth Bass Fishing on Beds
Fishing for smallmouth bass on beds in Michigan during the catch and release season.

Fly Fishing Streams for Smallmouth Bass – Harry Murray – Fly Fishing
Around 20 years ago, Harry concocted the Strymph, a fly that can be fished as a streamer to imitate minnows and fished as a nymph to imitate aquatic insects. The fly is very effective all across the US and you can use it to fish upstream, dead drift or fish it down and across the stream.

improving-connectivity-for-fishImproving connectivity for fish
from acoleman2, 2 weeks ago in Environment
For aquatic biologists and environmental scientists.

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