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Sight Fishing Smallmouth Bass – YouTube
Jul 1, 2014 Killer smallmouth bass fishing action during the 2014 spawn on a large,
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Lake Erie

for walleyes and smallmouth bass, which had been the bread-and- the desired intensity of commercial fishing. Commercial fishing in Lake Erie

GoPro 3+ Kayak Fishing Smallmouth BassGoPro 3+ Kayak Fishing Smallmouth Bass
Kayak fishing the Harpeth River and the Cumberland River… both just outside of Nashville, TN. Kayak fishing is a great way to get exercise and is very rela…

Smallmouth Bass Migratory Behavior, Fly Fish Ohio
The native fish remained within approximately 0.8 km of the release point, compared with the hatchery fish that moved as much as 113 km downstream. Here in the Midwest we regard smallmouth bass ( Micropterus dolomieu ) as 'our' fish.

amistad-tackle-the-wacky-jighead-techniqueAmistad Tackle – The Wacky Jighead Technique
from heychad, 5 years ago in Entertainment & Humor
Curious to know what all the fuss is in Japan and on the Tour with wacky jigheads? Look no further! Amistad Tackle’s resident angling expert Steve Magnelia has written a fantastic in-depth article that gives you the ins and outs of fishing the wacky jighead finesse technique.

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