spring time bass fishing with lizards atComanche lake

Izzie we’re gonna go fishing you readyto catch fish no. . ok here we go we’re gonna try this lure Imade it rattles it’s got some coolrattling action and so we’re gonna tryit out man look at that pig right she’s nicebeautiful too bad I hooked her right in the gullet man what a beautiful what a beautifulfish. so anyway lets see if she’llgo back damn it y’all i got all tangled in my lines soanyway mama went back home and it lookslike should be good to goyea baby fish onfish onall right all rightlook at that pig woo hoo !!!!!!!!! we’re we got one look atthat pig whoa look at that belly what a belly yeah!!!!!!!anyway I keep seeing one play over thereI’m gonna go try it I bet I’ll catch herlet’s see let’s go over there let’s goover there see right over there you seethe Rings let’s sneak upWith polarized glasses you could kind of see real wellinto the water oh let’s see if I can’tcatch you one herefish ON!! baby don’t jumpoh damnyeah baby yeah it’s a beautiful littlefish right there there you go caught oneI had seen it playing around over thereand uh anyway that’s a beautiful littlefish right therebeautiful Comanche little bassthat’s threesay hi Izzy cheese haha stage fright yeahthere’s a bird that laid its neststraight by one of the you have anotherone that laid its nest right by thebasketball net yeah so there’s threespotted eggs and this beautiful birdthat keeps like presenting becauseeveryone keeps. hey no more into thewater keep getting close to it yeahbecause it’s like at literally notcovered by anything just looks like abunch of rocks piled together oh yeahyeah it’s pretty cool I have to show itto you. okay Izzy is he I’m good okay so whatwork for me today um was this littlelizard uh you can see it here blue andblack lizard and it worked great hearthat turkey anyway hope you tubers hadfun and remember like subscribe look meup on on instagram buffalo shadowengraving

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