Swedish Summer Perch Fishing | Fishing with Edvin and Philip (English Subtitles)

Today, we’re fishing a lake
in the Southern part of Sweden. We will do summer fishing
for pike and perch. We know it’s a lot of perch here. Therefore, I think we
will have a fun fishing. Now we have a big perch.
– It isn’t a pike?It’s a perch.
It is a really big perch. Aouch, what a pig.
He cut me. Roach. The fish will now
think that this is a big roach. A roach from Sweden, who
doesn’t want to eat that?This one is big. This is a quite nice perch.
The strike was hard. This is how they should take
the lure – bad intentions. We’ll start to fish on a drop off
from a small island. I will start to fish with a Carolina
rigged split tail minnow from Storm. Let’s see if that could work. Otherwise, we will try different
colors and things like that. You almost have to
pole fish them today. Give them slack line and then they must
come and chew the jig before hooking them. There! I told you.
You must give them slack line. Aouch, what a pig.
He cut me. Look over there!
What a sun edge. Here it’s shadow,
over there it’s sun. It’s stones in there, and
that’s where they are. Must be the reason why. There, exactly where they are. Fish. Wasn’t big. The fish switched side,
he flew over the boat. It was a quick release. I will now take another one. It’s a fish school over there.
You just need to cast out. What a take. All the time. No!Does not go well. They’re very picky.
You must not reel fast. Don’t know why. Well, I don’t catch anything. You’re fishing too fast.
They do not follow. Fish on. It’s a nice small perch. Well, it’s a decent fish. It’s perch number 26. Number 26. Let’s see if I can catch one too.
– Took on a crank. Rapala.
– Indeed. This crank looks good. Maybe they want stronger colors.
– Indeed. I use a natural one, looks like a small perch. He’s down at heel.
Release him. Let’s try to catch a big one.
– That’s what we’re trying all the time. No.
– We have not managed that so far. This is a big one.
– Probably a pike. Yes, it’s a pike.
– It’s probably a pike. Could also be a big perch. It’s a perch.
Oh look! No, it was weed. Seriously, it’s a perch.
Not it’s a pike. I will do master king. The grandpa-grip. Whops. Whops, whops. He has swallowed the whole lure.
– Summer pikes. . Darn it. He’s taking line again. .
– Indeed. A big pig.
– Rushing off line. Come on!It’s very lively.
– It’s only a 4 pounder. . Pump it!
– How can it be that strong?It is. .
– It is taking line. Come on, Philip!There! Oh no, I lost it. It was a hard strike. We took out the lure through the gill,
and now we take off the lure from the leader. It had swallowed deep,
so this was better. Take off the lure, and then
it’s only to take out the leader. Here we go. The fish swam away. I will catch one more.
– Catch a big pig. Will catch a 2 pounder perch. Oh, a fish flew up out
there. A quite big one. Pike once again.
– Yes, pike. A decent pike.
– Well, it is. . I told you, it isn’t much
small pikes in this lake. Well, it isn’t that big but I mean,
on a lure and rod like this. . . . it’s still a decent fish. That fish was. .
– The granpa-grip. Aaaw!Ojojoj. Ojojoj!He spat out a small roach.
– He did?Yes. Look, he spitted out a small roach. He too swallowed the lure deep. .
– I have a big perch on. This is a big one. It’s a nice perch. It’s fat too. Come on. I can’t take the perch
in the lip, must land it like this. What a perch. What a fat one. This is a quite nice perch.
The strike was hard. First I thought it was another pike, but
it was a decent perch that was fat. Big.
– You caught a pike. Yes, but it is scabby.
– I caught a nice perch. I will release this one now. Here he has a big
roach in the mouth. Still, he wanted to eat my crank. It’s fun. Big roach. Those are really good. Those cranks seems to
work really well today. It’s quite nice perch
that are biting now. This crank is perfect for
the depth we’re fishing at. It swims at 3 feets of depth. It’s around 4-7 feets here, so it’s perfect. Mine had a big roach in its mouth,
so they’re are hunting now. I made a cast into the water
lilies and then I hook one. You only catch pikes.
– Yes. I sometimes reel fast.
Now and then they strike. Now we got a big perch.
– It isn’t a pike?It’s a perch. It’s a really big perch. No, it’s a pike. Oh, it’s a perch.
– It is big. No!
– It was a 2 pounder. Easy. . Philip!You must not lose 2 pounder perch.
– It’s not my fault. Did you see how high the perch was?
– Yes. But it’s cool, I’ll catch a new one. It was a 2 pounder fish. You really saw how big the perch was. Darn it.
– Well, well. . We’ll take a couple of more. I felt it was a perch with the thuds. Perch thuds. It swam, it “untz, untz, untz”. . That was, it was. .
– Could be a 2 pounder. Now I have one in the same size.
– No. I’m joking, wasn’t the same size.
Was his little brother. Was his grandchild. Hers. . On the Swim Fish, this one is big. This is a big perch. What the. .
– This one is huge. Well, it could be. .
– It could be whatever size. Philip?
– Yes. It is big. Net!
– No, we land it with the hands. But it’s big, Philip.
– No, it isn’t bigger than mine. No, it isn’t that big. Come here. Bass landing.
– I don’t dare. What a jaw.
– It has swallowed the whole jig. . . . grab it over the neck. What a perch.
– Holy moses. Took hard on a Swim Fish. A 12 cm long jig, thought a
bigger lure could work. Seems like it did. I thought it would be a 4 pounder fish.
– Me too. Thought it would be a 3 pounder,
it took a lot of line. This is how they should take
the lures – bad intentions. Look!What a fish. That was the biggest fish so far. Now we’ll catch a roach. I caught a different fish
when we fished with jigs. He said he got a big strike,
then it was a roach. No, it’s a bream.
– Haha, no, a big roach. A bream on jig. Darn it.
– It was nice. We have caught 3 different species
today. Perch, bream and pike. Only thing missing is a big roach. We only count perch on that thing. Right now, we have caught 87 perches.
We have had quite good fishing. Has been smaller perch lately, but
the bigger will probably bite soon. Indeed.
– It’s good. Really disgusting. Oh, looks like glue.
Karlsson’s glue . That’s the reason why you should fish
nice perch that aren’t slimy. We have caught 101 perches and
it starting to get dark, so we will. . . . drive back to the place where we
caught the bigger perch earlier. Let’s go. Today we have used
a garlic pen on the jigs. We have painted on them
and it has worked very good. I will now write a thing on my jig
and we’ll see if it works better. Roach. The fish will now
think that this is a big roach. You will then catch more perch. It smells really good.
– Potato salad. I will write roach on the other
side too. It’ll be extra good. Roach, roach. Roach.
– Roach. A roach from Sweden, who
doesn’t want to eat that?I don’t want to eat that.
– Roachcos. Tacos with roach meat. Where are we?
– Somewhere it does not bite. Can’t stay here, we must move. C’mon roach. What a take!
– Something struck the roach jig. It was a big fish. Did you see the take?
The rod was about to break. No, but I saw the jig flying against me. The roach jig delivers. Did
you also catch one?Yes.
– The roach jig delivers a perch. Not a big perch, but they like roach.
It’s easy to see that in this lake. It’s starting to get dark,
so we will soon go home. Caught 105 perches today. Don’t forget to subscribe for more films.
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– Have a great day!Catch a big one!

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