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Glenn May: Hey folks, Glenn May here with
BassResource. com. I’m here at the 2015 ICASTShow in the Lew’s booth here with Gary Remensnyder,
here to talk about the brand new reel theygot coming out here. When is this gonna be
available again?Gary Remensnyder: This is available now. Glenn: Now?Gary: Yep. Glenn: Well, tell me about it. Gary: Nothing better than that, right?Glenn: Yeah. Gary: Yeah, this is our new Team Lew’s Magnesium
Baitcast Reel. The cool thing about this isthat it’s 5. 3 ounces, yet you get the advantage
of a metal frame. At Lew’s, we’re really tryingto make everything lighter, faster, and stronger
because that’s what the angler wants thesedays. So this reel really is the essence of
that. It’s got a magnesium frame, it’s got11 premium sealed bearings, it’s got a carbon
fiber handle, and it’s really got some coolfeatures that we’d like to call out. One is this patented hook keeper that’s built
right into the frame that solves a lifelongproblem that we all have, is where you gonna
put your bait when you’re done. It snaps rightback in, up out of the way, and so that’s
a really cool patented technology that wedeveloped. Glenn: That is awesome. That is really cool.
I’ve never seen that before. Gary: Then the other new technology that we
have, we call our Speed Dial here, this solvesanother problem. As an angler spools up all
their reels at the beginning of the season,they might put braid on some, fluorocarbon
on others, and mono on others, but when theypull those out of the rod locker they might
not remember exactly what they put on thereel. This Speed Dial here allows them to
just simply dial it in and gives them an indicatorof what they had put on the reel at the beginning
of the season. So when they go to pick upthat reel and rod to fish, they can look at
the side and say, “Okay, that’s exactly whatI have on there. ” So more innovation. With
Lew’s . . . Glenn: No more tape?Gary: That’s right, no more tape that falls
off and then you wonder what you’ve got. We’retrying to be innovative at Lew’s, lighter,
faster, stronger, but also solve problems,like the hook keeper built in and this line
indicator on the side of the reel. Glenn: Now what is that gonna retail for?Gary: This is gonna retail for $279. This
is our highest-end reel, but it is a magnesiumframe, 5. 3 ounces, very, very lightweight
. . . Glenn: What’s the gear ratio?Gary: We have three different gear ratios
that this actually comes in. So we’ve gota super high-speed, high-speed, and then a
cranking speed. And it also comes in left-handas well as right-hand retrieve. Glenn: All right, well you knew my next question
then. Lot of people like the lefties. So awesome,awesome. Great product. Guys, you gotta check
this thing out. This is awesome.

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