The #1 BASS LURES For FALL (Fall Bass Fishing Tips)

Fall bass fishing can consist of bass that are in a very foul mood to bass that are aggressively feeding and everything in between. Knowing what fall bass lures are best is critical for you success!

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Early Fall
– Texas Rig –
– Chatterbait –
– Deep Diving Crankbait –
Mid Fall
– Jerkabait –
– Walking Bait –
– Frog –
Late Fall
– Jig –
– Sqaurebill –
– Buzzbait –

When it comes to lure selection for fall bass fishing, you really want to look at fall as three main phases. Early Fall, Mid Fall and late Fall. During each of these phases the bass are going to act a little bit different, so throwing different lures is a must.

In this video I break down not only the best fall bass lures to use, but I also talk about the areas that I like to target during fall!

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