The BEST Bass Lake in the World? (FT. APBASSING + TARO MURATA)

Can I tell the viewers where we’re headed next Lana the Giants went into the gymWe’re going to the ocean kind of scared about the land of the Giants out thereIt’s big big waters for trying for the biggest five smaller fast ever captured on film. I’ve never seen a 7-pound smallmouthI would love to see one and there’s not a better placeIt’s just kind of like the boogers come on I know she just it’s unpredictable what he’s gonna doThat’s the lumber we need for the magic numberThat’s the one the matching sweaters is goodI like if your friends have the branch now we have to over rep the branch over wrap. Okay now it’s covered Rap CityWhat are we doing today? What happened? How is it look outside? It’s snowed. It’s cold, but we’re after it todayMy only concern is the minnows I keep voice in my opinion, but nobody cares about my opinion hereSo I’m just gonna go on the boatIn the boat, it’s snowing the wind’s coming from the right direction for where we’re goingWe’re going to community hall that gets poundedBut it’s okay because we’re block from the wind when I keep warm and we pull the boat up if we’re too cold and goTo Hooters for some chicken wings and a cocktail and it’s snowing thought. OhWe got some snowIt is now winter time outside got a nice little dump of snow last night, but we’re gonna make the best of itWe’re back on the water Alex is in the middle of a business callTaro is getting baits down and I’m just happy to be out here. We’re bundled upIt is winter time today and I’m feeling real good about this. We were fishingIn the hood is how you call it. So we people fish here very pressured spotThere’s a lot of fish here, and we’re just going to try to fuck a fewIt’s nice and block from the wind here today. So I started rough here in thisprojectHere we go, oh boy, don’t call me. What do you think Alex? OhThat’s a good one, that’s a good oneNumber onenumber one right thereGet that mouth on that guyThis in 15 minutes. We’ve already caught a 5 pound your first fishWell, Alex, what do you think for that slob right?2. 48Absolutely, slob kilograms, you know, we’ll do the conversionJust flat blimps they’re all bigOhYou got it. Okay, what’s conversion?Five point four six that’s good. Five point four eight. Actually, that’s one five and a half five and a half pounderNo, ohIt’s bulldogging guys hooked up I only caught one bass yesterday hook up with my first one today Alex watch. Oh it’s coming up quickNot oh it’s it’s it’s okay. It’s okayYou know what?HeyHey, that’s a four pound smallmouth bass. Okay, taro is definitely spoiled. I’m happy that that’s probably high three pounder andmy first of the day so pretty tied yesterday andIt’s gonna be a good dayJay is catching small mouth on my rod. I’m trying to dump some footage because I forgot the format and SD card. IThought that was only fitting that I was using my computer to dump it and catching Smalley’s on his rod guys, look at thatWe’re not gonna we’re not gonna measure or way that fish but that’s another four plus pounder right there going backI’m feeling it. I’m feeling the seven pound or two. He’s gonna hit the bottom of this boat real quick rig talkTaro is a master of the three-way rig. This is what?He’s a master in three ways. So here it is. Very basic right? There comes my thumbThere we got is that that’s we caught three ways bubble. YeahMost people would be like very picky and cut those things to my twistBut we’re so cold so you don’t bother but you can cut closer to it pencil. Wait drop shotwaitThat’s like a six foot or a six inch lead and without a two and a foot lead to a little bit of meatWhat would have meat on the end is key. This is such a retro rigIt’s so effective and I don’t know why they don’t ban it cuz it’s too dangerous too dangerousRetro but effective RBE hashtag that okayThe greasy shiny rivers shine with the oil about that big right now. It’d be like good night for sureWe’re just chipping away with what we got. That’s hard to find them. I got a question for you know, they had a questionYeah, are you guys I’m a guy are you supposed to know where to get minnows?Yeah, you know what? I mean, but it’s that time of year. Everyone’s buying our I was in the GTA manIt’s a hard life out here in the middle. Do you have a minnow connects? You got our connections to get these minerals?So I call Drake up or what? Yeah culture great clap minnow sprawl any we can get itDrizzy minnowsOpen a new store up here at very open the new store called Drizzy minnows and we have every size man you see manWe’re cutting you off 5 inch 2 inch we’re sick of your bullshit 5 inch you want middleWe got these drag. I say you look great on camera and you’re doing a great job. Thanks, buddy. I’m feeling goodDays your day. Oh boy. What do you have on big meat? Big me big leather? What’s your prediction? I’m predictingI’m scared. I might lose itIt’s kind of it’s crab now I got right here like me too big I like good bird look at thatIt’s too much moving the rod tip thoughSometimes I don’t spin the boat for youHooks off like he hooks up on measure like so hopes that they don’t ronnie hopes that they’re not bigHe has some weird theory that big fish don’t swim. So ohLook at the size that knit on the side that figured gobble. They’re just dangling a little comparison on those, you know, look at thatGreedy, that gosh was hungry. Yeah, they’re getting ready for the winterHe’s on yes. Nice. YesHere we goAre you good John? What long what just happened?Alex what just happened the real gave out? OhAre you sure if it’s porpoising here?Ok. Wow, that was chaotic had the real kind of maxilla have exploded hit the back real feels like it’s fighting a little bitWhat we got hereToo much. I can’t tell so watch the water. So clear so clear. You can see 10 feet downYou just can’t even tell if that’s a big. YeahChunky alright, you’re gonna deal with your fish in the friend. Alex will deal with this oneYeah, that’s three and a half four pounds healthy fit double-header. Double had her first double header of the trip actuallyWe’re definitely catching some more fish early in today’s episode. This is day 2 and the fish are bitingIDon’t think it’s big boys. Yeah, I am on but I don’t think it’s bigThen it’s probably big. It’s chilly. It’s coming right upSound a good angleRight on my nose. She does voice spice it up. What’s going on right now? What are we doing? I’m on fire todayEverything’s biting my line. Let’s go. What’s our goal? This trip goal is a bunch of bull. Come on Jack. Yeah, it’s goodIt’s bad. Oh sure. I’m nervous now. I don’t know how long broYeahNot super long spot though going for a record back to eight thirty pounds base five and a halfgirth is more important than ninth gear, you know any other scenarios where girth is more important than they oh,That’s a big fish that is five pounds all look at that bellyYeah, that is my biggest of the trip right there. That’s got to be pretty close to five. Look at that. Oh, yeah toadLet’s turn on the scale I can change for sure. Yeah, buddy. What do we got?Sigyn hit 55 4 4 beauty 5 4 4 we’ll take it we’ll takeThis is my biggest the trip. YeahWe’re gonna couple shots of this one, they’re gonna put it backThat’s two five and a half today. That’s that’s good 11 pounds so far two fishTaking a break in the actionwith my buddy taro fish to the tours check them out for all your Maul face be she needs in theGTA the general Toronto Area guitar. Oh, we’re talking location. Where are these fish right now? It is mid-novemberTell me why are they here? Where are they? We’re in Lake Simcoe and learning this giant BayIt doesn’t get a lot of wind on this deep. We just keep real quick. It’s kind of a wintering areait doesn’t get a lot of wind and they just want to sit there and they get more lethargic as the water gets colder andThey want to move around too much and they don’t want waste too much energySo it’s a nice place for them to chill cheap deep and be protectedAnd you know keep that fat onYou know chunky cents. Yes, that’s scientific know I was good. That’s perfectI’m never too scientific, but I’m getting more scientific drop it some scienceYeah might be RutherfordSo lumpy was so good. Okay, so company so strong raising a nice confident young manWhy are the taro contributed to ourTo our bags over the past couple daysLike you’ve caught the bags been busy guiding guys are never supposed to catch the biggest fish in the most efficientWellMidday, not midday towards the end of the day updateIts bitter struggle bit of a strugglepoint that being saidOur perceptions are absolutely skewed. I think I think it’s fitting title forthis video or this lake would be best bass lake in the world because ICaught a five not founder Alex got a five and a half founder and it’s still notWhat taro was hoping for two five and I found smallmouth bassMost people fish a lifetime with a five and I found her hereThere are what thousands of five and a half hours in this lakeNormal, yeah normal. Okay fishes taro this lake is insane. It is a destinationI mean this is this is better Somali fishing the Sturgeon Bay in Sturgeon BayIt was ranked number one by Bassmaster for top Bass Lake. So my arms getting tired from holding up this cameraSo I’m gonna pick up a rod and we’re gonna finish this day offWas that bad that we just laughing at Ariel? You’re doing a segment? Yeah. I was justJerell how many words do you think you see on the typical day? Yeah more than the average human or lessIts armWow, how is it my GoPro rolling? It’s been such a long time without a fish. It just feels heavyThis is this could be it guys. We had a bit of a lullAnd now he cooked upOh my no, what is going on RIA reverse?700 I think it’s big. What do you think? What do you think? I had that traffic worst? There’s ice in the road guyWell, I said the hook originally. I mean, I haven’t caught a fish since we just got out here this morningLuckily, I was able to type my drag up. It’s just a massiveLooks good. You just never know. I mean now it’s fighting pretty hard. So so nervousCome on, baby. Big fish. I like alright, it’s bigYou fish all day and you end up catching two fish, how can you complain I fishholder’s sorryThat’s so weirdBut you legit fish all day for two fish to bite and they’re both over 5 pounds, this is all it good looks beautifulWe got time what do we gotYeah, that’s a good one sorry means another five and a half five four to five forty fiveAwesome one more luckMaybe back all of us have just blog on super nice fish today. Got your crazy about you, manThose fish are just they’re so healthy. They’re so cold. Just imagine how cold you would be down thereThey’re so docile barely moving and that’s why when you hook a fish of that size it barely fightsIt comes with the surface and and that’s when you know, it’s a bigger fish of five plus fishingIt just literally doesn’t fight which is crazy to think about what?Gone all dayTo really nice fishYeah, can you believe that day twos done already?So depressing and we only have 25 and change to show for it 25 pound Bay drop and that’s depressing to meWe should throw a tantrum Barisan. What do you think Alex?The second best day is following fishing I’ve ever had. There you goFor over five pounds a day. Yeah, that’s crazyI got my biggest male of the year. Once again fish city tours a feed bass and please go follow both of themPlease book a trip to come fish with Tarot. I’m gonna leave his number below send him as many messages DMSHe loves to answer phone calls in the waterHe might respondThanks for watching guys. We’ll see you laterYou

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