The Best Late Fall / Winter Bass Fishing Lures?!?!

Moving Bait: Lipless Crankbait Rattle Trap Squarebill
Moving Bait: Jerkbait
Slow Moving: Dropshot
Slow Moving: Shakiehead
Really Slow: Jig

When Fishing in the late fall / early and into the winter, you can really catch some big fish. The fish fatten up for the winter time and thats when you can really catch a big one. when fishing the moving baits, play around with your retrieval, different movements can play a big role on catching fish. When fishing the slower baits, dont move the bait to much. The fish arnt as aggressive as they are i the fall and summer so slow moving is key when fishing those.

Hope you guys enjoy and THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!

Drop Shot Video:


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