The best smallmouth bass lake in the world!

In my book I wrote a chapter about what I felt was the best smallmouth bass lake in the world. In the book, I titled the Chapter Lake X, and told the story of how at the end of the day I had decided not to tell people the name and location of that lake because I was afraid it would get destroyed. When I signed my network deal for Real Bragging Rights I knew right away that I wanted to go back to Lake X with none other than the guy who took me there originally, Tony Difilipo, and the greatest smallmouth fisherman of all time Greg Mangus.
Greg is a legend in the world of smallmouth for a technique that he calls “finesse fishing fast”. In this episode of my show I get a real lesson in that technique, and Greg gives me probably the worst butt whoopin I’ve ever taken on the water. It’s a great episode with a lot of useful information for anyone who ever wanted to catch the smallmouth of a lifetime. It’s Northern Michigan. Pure Smallmouth.

Camera: Panasonic GH5

GoPro: Hero 7

Raingear: StormR Aero Jacket, Strykr Jacket, Aero Bibs.




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