The Raymarine Dragonfly Fish Finder | Bass Fishing

Hey, this is Jim Hands with Raymarine. We’re
here at the Bassmaster classic and we’re launchingour brand new product called Dragonfly. Dragonfly
is a new species of sonar. It uses CHIRP technologyto give much improved higher fidelity higher
resolution images. It’s a dual-channel sonar. Has both CHIRP DownVision and fish targeting
sonar built into one and it’s a real breakthroughin technology. It’s the first CHIRP sonar
for under $700. It’s starting price is $649. It’s a great value for some incredible technology.
So if you want to take a look at it, I canshow you some of the cool features. So here we’re looking at the DownVision mode.
Ultra-high resolution, Ultra-high frequency,it gives you photo like clarity and this is
all through using CHIRP technology. It’s atotally different type of sonar, and it sends
a wide spectrum of sonar signals into thewater. And like I said before, it’s a dual-channel
sonar with two independent channels. So hereon the right I have the DownVision channel
giving me great high resolution images ofstructure and over to the left I’ve got the
fish targeting channel. Which gives me a muchbetter ability to target fish, and it’s just
a great way to be able to discriminate thebottom as well. So in addition to CHIRP sonar, the Dragonfly
is a combo unit. There’s a 50 channel GPSsensor built in. Dragonfly units can be purchased
with Navionics charts included. Either a silveror new Navionics gold bundle. In addition,
Dragonfly has a 1500 nit ultra-bright display. It’s a beautiful display, you can see it in
bright sunlight, just great for any application. The unit also comes with this nice tilt swivel
holster. You can really get any position youwant. And then for added security, there’s
the option to put in a Thule locking core. So that keeps the unit locked in the bracket
so if you need to leave the boat you don’thave to worry about taking the unit right
off the bracket. It’s locked up safe and secure. So that’s the new Dragonfly Sonar GPS from

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