Tips For Catching Large Mouth Bass

As the weather begins to heat up in many areas and spring is officially underway, it can mean only one thing. Bass fishing is also beginning to “heat up” as well. In this article I will outline a few tips for catching large mouth bass this spring and summer. There may be no better time to fish for large mouth bass than the spring so these tips will certainly come in handy. The bottom line is that if you are interested in catching large mouth bass, this article is for you.

These tips are being listed in no particular order and all have their place in any bass fisherman’s arsenal.

  1. Sharpen Your Hooks – Many bass fisherman make the mistake of not sharpening their hooks as often as they should. Dull hooks are the single biggest reason that large mouth bass are missed. Carry a hooks sharpener with you and sharpen your hooks religiously to avoid your hooks becoming dulled.
  2. Wear Polarized Glasses – Polarized fishing glasses enable you to see into the water by cutting through the glare from the sun and the glare from the sun being reflected off of the water. Wearing polarized glasses is especially helpful when fishing for bass in shallow water situations, such as fishing beds during the spawn.
  3. Fish At The Best Times – Being on the water when the bass are the most active is very important to anyone who is interested in catching large mouth bass. The best way to make sure that you are fishing at the best times is to pay attention to the weather and moon and plan your bass fishing trips accordingly. These two forces of Mother Nature have an incredible impact on the feeding behavior of large mouth bass and using this information to your advantage as an angler is of the utmost importance.
  4. Use Realistic Bait Fish Imitations – Anyone who has ever fished for bass knows how effective crank baits can be and there may be no more effective crank bait for bass than a truly realistic bait fish imitation. When it comes to tips for catching large mouth bass, this tip could easily be number one. Don’t just use crank baits, but use crank baits that imitate bait fish in a realistic manner.
  5. Top Water Baits Are Effective – Top water baits are very effective at catching large mouth bass. A key is to fish top water baits when the water is completely flat, which many times means fishing in the early morning or late evening when there is little wind. Baits such as the Zara-Spook and the Pop-R are some very popular and effective top water baits to use for bass fishing.
  6. Don’t Forget About Live Bait – Live bait is an often overlooked bait when it comes to large mouth bass fishing, but is shouldn’t be. A key with fishing live bait, such as shiners for example, is to rig your bait in the most realistic way possible. The bottom line is that live bait is a very effective method for catching our friend the large mouth bass. Just make sure you use quality bait rigs to rig your live bait so that your bait looks as natural as possible.

The bottom line is that these tips work and will help anyone catch more large mouth bass on their next bass fishing outing. Add one or all of these tips to your bass fishing repertoire sooner, rather than later.

Source by Trevor Kugler

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