Top 10 Fall Bass Fishing Lures by 1Rod1ReelFishing

Lure Reviews start at 1:05
Featured baits: 1. Z Man chatterbait (1/2 ounce, bluegill) – zoom swimming chunk trailer (green pumpkin)
2. War eagle spinnerbait (3/8 ounce, white/chartreuse) – gamakatsu 2/0 trailer hook

3. Strike King KVD squarebill 1.5 (black back/chartreuse), 2.5 (sexy sunfish)

4. War eagle buzzbait (1/2 ounce, black/gold), (1/2 ounce, white)

5. Strike King red eye shad (1/4 ounce, chartreuse sexy shad), (1/2 ounce, chrome blue)

6. Lucky Craft pointer 100 (american shad)
7. Rapala x-rap XR10 (olive green)

8. Strike King KVD perfect plastic caffeine shad 5″ (watermelon), (pearl)

9. Yellow Magic Japanese popper (1/2 ounce, japanese shad), (1/4 ounce, baby bass)

10. Lucky Craft Sammy 100 (american shad)
11. Heddon super spook 5″ (used to be shad colored, I now consider it “bone” colored because 95% of the paint chipped off after catching so many fish :P)

12. Rapala shad rap suspending RS7 (perch), RS 5 (green crawdad)

13. Bass Pro Shops XPS lazer blade (1/4 ounce, chrome/black)
14. Damiki vault (1/2 ounce, black holo)

15. Strike King Greg Hackney hack attack jig (1/2 ounce, black/blue) – zoom super chunk trailer (black) and (3/8 ounce, gator craw) – zoom super chunk jr. trailer (watermelon)

Fall fishing is my favorite time of year to fish! I like to power-fish my way around the body of water I’m at and make tons of casts with fast moving baits. The fishing can be fast and furious throughout the entire day, especially if you find schools of bass chasing shad!

Early fall I prefer search baits immediately after the fall turnover occurs to locate where the fish are holding after they’ve left their summer haunts.

Once the water stabilizes and the fishing picks up, I almost always start and end the day with a topwater lure, because lets be honest here, there’s no better way to hook a bass then after seeing it jump up and EXPLODE on your offering! On overcast days or times when I notice bass busting on shad constantly, I’ll sometime keep a topwater bait tied on the entire day :D

When the water to starts to cool down late October and through November, I’ll pick up the jerkbait and go to work! Most of the time, I use the standard twitch-twitch pause retrieve, pausing 2-4 seconds when the water is above 50 degrees but slowing it down to 5-15 seconds as the temperature progressively decreases.

Late November/early December the bite can slow down depending on how cold its been. This time of year I’ll try to fish in 5-12 feet of water with a shad rap in the shallower end of the range and a blade bait in the deeper range. If I can’t entice any bass on those baits, then I’ll usually try a jerkbait next with long 12-20 seconds pauses fished with a slow pull/pause/pull/pause cadence.

Lastly, I’ll use the jig around drop-offs, ledges, docks, and rockpiles (especially on sunny days as rocks will absorb heat and hold water a couple degrees warmer than other parts of the lake) fishing it painfully slow dragging it a few inches at a time with 5-10 second pauses in-between. When fishing the jig this way I’m mainly looking for a few quality bites per day but being patient will often pay off!

A prime example is Sol Curtis, an Ohio angler, who was fishing in February on a brutally cold, windy day. Sol is a trophy bass hunter, and he believes that the worse the conditions (for humans), the better his chance is at landing a HAWG! He was fishing a public pond at AEP recreation land, with his favorite bait, a black and blue jig. After fishing for 4 hours without success, he spotted a perfect laydown jutting out into deeper water, he knew that if a biggun was around, she’d come up at some point during the day to feed in that area.

Sol worked that laydown for over an hour making cast after cast with his jig. He’d let it drop, to the bottom, pause it, shake it a few times, slowly drag it an inch or two max, then shake it some more. Each cast took about 5 minutes to retrieve, which may actually be a record in the guinness book of world records :P

After making about 20 molasses-like casts, he felt some unusual pressure on his line.
full story found here :)

Hatcam Used: Gopro hero 4 silver (1080p, 60 FPS, medium FOV) – chesty + external audio

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