Top Baits To Catch More Late Spring Bass

Spring bass fishing is coming to a close in some areas of the country, but in others it is just now heating up. With bass in all different phases of the spawn, it’s important to have a variety of baits at your disposal to fish different areas of a body of water effectively. Some fish could be staging halfway back in the creeks, some will be all the way on the bank spawning, and others will have already spawned an will be moving back out towards the main lake. A combination of moving baits, bulky bottom bouncing baits like a jig, and a finesse style bait are essential to maximum your time on the water when bass fishing in the late spring.

Catch Co. Flickity Split:
Catch Co. Waggle Worm:
Seaspin Geko Jig:
Netbait Paca Craw:
Strike Pro Inquisitor 110:
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