Topwater Smallmouth Bass Fishing in a random River I found!

What’s up guys!

On my way to explore a new body of water, I spotted a river as I drove over a bridge. I noticed there was a little park right on the edge of it and decided to bust a U-turn.

I waded in this river to see if there’ll be any fish in it and man this river was a great find! Popped out the Whopper Plopper and the Smallies in this river are the hardest fighting Smallies I’ve caught yet! Towards the end, I lose a treble hook on my Whopper Plopper hence I lost 3 really nice Smallies as the hook up ratio decreased. I definitely need to go back and explore this river more. You don’t know what’s in a body of water until you fish it, keep on fishing everyone!

Thanks for watching!


ROD: Shimano Expride 7’2 H
REEL: Shimano Exsence DC 8.1
LURE: Whopper Plopper
LINE: PowerPro Braid 50lb


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