USA Bassin, Oct 19th, Table Rock Fall Tournament, Showing Both Smallies, 3lbr n 2 6lbr

USA Bassin, Oct 19th, Table Rock Fall Tournament

Showing Both Smallies, 3lbr n 2 6lbr

Just a brief video on the fish I caught in the Table Rock Fall division tournament of which I’m the tournament director. It started out an overcast morning but by 9 or so, the sun was peaking out and by noon it was mostly sunny and in the upper 50’s. Water temps in the low to mid 60’s and very clear.

I started off with a couple of different Rapala DT Crankbaits tied on, and a Vision 110 jerk bait too! After throwing the jerk bait for a half-hour with no results, I switched to a DT10 in Brown Craw with Red sides and bottom. About the 4th cast on the DT crank, about halfway back to the boat, a 3lb smallmouth bass nailed it hard. Sorry, the camera wasn’t on for the cast/catch but I show it to you right out of the shoot!

Then watch as I boat another big smallmouth caught by skipping a tube way back under a dock in 15 feet of water!

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