Why to Fish Grass for Bass

For me the deal about grass the reason I like
it so well is because I know what kind offish live in it. You know what I’m saying?
There’s a tendency that the biggest fish in the lake live in the grass,the biggest number of fish, and it also supports
the most bait. Everything about it is positivewhen it relates to bass fishing. Normally the
situation is when you have a lake with a lotof grass, the structure within the grass becomes
the sweet spot. When you take a place thatdoesn’t have much grass it doesn’t really
matter where it is. It’s going to be goodregardless. But when you have lots of grass
then it becomes what’s on the bottom not somuch what you see. The grass is a year round
fish factory. They spawn in it in the spring,they summer in it under the mats, they chase
shad as the grass starts to die because shadhave the tendency to really migrate to it
and feed on it in the fall, and then the fishfollow in right with it. it’s just a year
round place to fish, and more times than notwhen you figure out a grass deal you can win
the tournament. I’ve never been on a grasslake where the grass is not a factor. NEVER.
If it’s got grass, I guarantee it’s goingto be part of the deal. Someone might win
doing something totally different, but therewill be 8 out of the 10 fishing grass on a
grass lake. Sometimes like on a lake likethis one it can be where two grasses mix.
In this particular grass bed we went throughthere’s a little Spiny Naiad growing in the
Hydrilla. At other times I’ve been on lakesthat where you have a solid line of Hydrilla
and isolated patches of Coontail growing outsideit and that will be the deal. Or it can also
be a seam because Milfoil will have a tendencyto grow shallower. Up shallow you will have
the Milfoil and then there will be a seamwhere the two meet. The Hydrilla is thick
and it meets the Milfoil and all the fishwill be down that line. So there are all kinds
of little subtle things to look for in thegrass. But the number one without a doubt
is the bottom contour. If you get a drain,a creek channel, or something that swings
in next to it, a long flat running out andbreaking, or a corner on a flat. Just something
that is a little different to kind of isolatethose fish.

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