Wild River Tackle Bags for Kayak and Bank Fishing | Bass Fishing

I’m Steve Phillips with CLC Wild River, and
I wanted to show a couple of our new bagstoday that we’re unveiling at the Bassmaster
Classic. CLC is a company that’s been aroundfor 30 years. Been in the construction and
industrial business, so we know what we’redoing in the bags and we’re passionate about
fishing, so we thought we’d bring some ofour unique ideas to the fishing world. And
here’s just a couple I wanted to show you. This is the Rogue Bag. It’s a very versatile
bag. It’s got a lot of interior storage withthe 3700-series trays, outside pockets. You
can put additional 3600 or 3700 trays on allof our bags. We use the high dis orange so
it makes it easier to find your lures or findyour accessories. The cool feature about this
bag is it’s got a built in 6 watt speakersystem so you can play music on any MP3 device.
It also has a complete rain flap that willcover the whole bag. It comes with a heavy
duty shoulder strap; and all the Wild Riveritems come with a plier holder with a retractable
lanyard. You have four molded feet, helpskeep the bag dry. Another one that we’re really excited about
is our backpack. It’s a convertible item,so we have four of the 3600-series trays.
The trays can pop out and you can use thisbag as a hunting device. The interior folds
down, and is accessible for more gear. Oneawesome feature about this is it has a built
in LED light, a three stage light that willalso illuminate in the interior of your bag.
We’ve got a molded sunglass case. This alsohas an additional rain flap built into it.
We have additional work surfaces, large compartmentson the sides for additional storage. These are rubberized mesh on the sides so
your hooks won’t hang up, heavy duty strapon the top to carry, lumbar supports and a
sternum strap. And we also do this in a smallerbackpack, as well as our Mossy Oak design.
And we’re really proud to be here today andintroduce this line. Our website is www. gowildriver. com.
Check us out. Thanks a lot.

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