Winter Bass Fishing

When you mention winter bass fishing most fishermen will roll their eyes, the vast majority of fishermen find it hard and not to mention frustrating. It can be extremely difficult to fish for bass in the winter and chances are you will have to deal with freezing conditions while sat in a boat, this can make the experience less than pleasurable.

I’ll bet you are wondering why anyone in their right mind would go fishing for bass in the winter? I’ll let you in to a secret, it is little known that the very best bass fishing is often found in the winter months. If you want to have a successful time at winter bass fishing you will need a few tips and tricks before you start. When you do start you are going to need lots of concentration and patience as it is very important to be very slow with your actions in the winter, you will need to keep your lure almost motionless at the bottom for at least a few minutes at a time which can prove hard to master considering the conditions you will be sat out in.

It is very rewarding and it is very likely you will land the biggest bass you have ever caught, this alone should make the cold more than bearable. The reason that you will find it easier to catch trophy sized bass in the winter is mainly due to the heavily reduced amount of people fishing, this means the bass are far more likely to take your bait. You will also generally find that the bass you are catching are large female bass as they like to take advantage of an easy meal in the winter.

Choosing the best location for winter bass fishing.

When you are going winter bass fishing it is often in your best interests to choose shallow waters, realistically you want to choose water that are no deeper than twelve feet or so. Bass like to lay and wait in places where there is a sharp depth change nearby and offering some cover such as a group of weeds or a downed tree. If you stick to locations like these you are ensured to catch many bass.

Winter bass fishing can be hard and often frustrating at times but it can also be very rewarding and productive in terms of fish caught. If you choose a location correctly than you are virtually guaranteed to catch at least one good sized fish that will make the whole experience worthwhile.

Chances are that fish caught during the winter months are much bigger than anything you have caught before so you can be sure to beat your personal best if you have not been winter bass fishing before.

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