Winter River Fishing with Bait Rigs: Walleye, Northern Pike, and Smallmouth Bass

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Best walleye I hooked into in the video: 2:04
Best walleye that I actually landed in the video: 3:23
Best northern pike in the video: 5:52
Best smallmouth bass in the video: 8:26
Best rock in the video: 7:55

This is a compilation of all the fishing trips in late winter (February 2012) in upstate New York during which I caught decent game fish. I was shore fishing at a spillway heading a small river, and I was using 3-way slip sinker bait rigs with fluorocarbon leaders going to size 4 hooks and breakaway mono leads going to weights. I was using live bait on the bait rigs, including minnows, rosies, baby suckers, and nightcrawlers. I caught a bunch of eater-sized walleye, lost a much bigger walleye as it cut me off on boulders, and caught some smallmouth bass and northern pike.

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